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On top of all the experience you bring to the classroom via debates and group assignments, you also have a unique opportunity to shape a large part of your time at London Business School by joining a student club and organising engaging events and initiatives. The purposes of these events vary depending on the Club and its objectives, however generally they are designed to;

  • Help students learn more about a particular sector, geographical area or topic.
  • Provide networking opportunities across all programmes, with Alumni and also with other professionals working in London.
  • Enable the students organising these events to practice valuable leadership skills whilst also contributing to the School community.

There is a fantastic range of activities that happen at the school on a regular basis; last year alone (2015/2016) we had 505 guest speakers at student-led events. The events below give you a taste of the quality and variety of events held at the school.  These all occurred during the first term of the 2016/17 academic year.

1. IMPACTathon ( Impact Consulting Club) Now in its second year the IMPACTathon is an innovative take on the Hackathon format; instead of building a new business over a weekend, students help real life social entrepreneurs to develop a particular aspect of their business. This is a fairly small event with only 48 students participating but it is extremely rewarding for them to work with real businesses that are truly trying to make a difference in society. Students are able to utilise their years of experience as well as putting into action the theories they learn in the classroom. The impact this event has on the social enterprises and how they operate is invaluable.


The winning team from the 2nd annual IMPACTathon – The Helpful Clinic

2. Global Energy Summit (Energy Club) The 13th Global energy Summit looked at ‘Where are the opportunities in Energy? The event was sponsored by The Boston Consulting Group as well as ATKearney and took place at Hilton London Tower Bridge. The impressive line-up of speakers included experienced professionals from companies such as Statoil, Petrobras and EDF.  One of the speakers was current LBS Sloan Fellow Ghassan Mirdad who has over 20 years of experience with Schlumberger. The conference is always a great opportunity to connect with professionals working in London. Non-LBS attendees at the event represented companies such as Shell, Bloomberg and Infosys. sa_dec2016_02

 Enthusiastic participants at the 13th   Global Energy Summit

3. Diwali Party (India Club) One of the biggest parties of the year with over 700 guests, this annual celebration to mark the Hindu festival of lights has achieved legendary status amongst LBS students past and present. The LBS India Club brought everyone together in kurtas and sarees, with an ample supply of delicious food for a night of celebration. The centre piece of the evening as always was the eagerly contested Inter-stream Bollywood dance-off. The MBA2018 Stream D Team came out on top as overall winners with a well-choreographed routine. sa_dec2016_03

LBS Students performing at the 2016 Diwali Party

4. EurOUT (Out in Business Club) EurOUT is one of the schools most highly rated events and Europe’s leading LGBT conference for graduate students, MBAs, PhDs and alumni from top business schools. The team did not disappoint in November 2016, they brought together an impressive line-up of speakers including Xavier Bettel (the Prime Minister of Luxembourg).  The conference also received some excellent media coverage with articles in The TelegraphGayStarNews and Vogue Mexico. You can also check out some of the reactions from speakers and attendees of the event via the event hashtag:  #EurOUT2016 sa_dec2016_04

Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel addressing The EurOUT 2016 Conference

5. Global Healthcare Club Conference (Healthcare Club) The theme for this 8th edition of the annual Global Healthcare Club Conference was “Precision Medicine: The Future of Medical Care” and covered cutting edge topics such as ‘How is the UK preparing itself to lead the precision medicine industry?’  and “How are genomics and digital advancement changing the landscape of precision medicine?” It was a highly engaging event with expert speakers and a great example of a niche area where students were able to increase their knowledge by attending an event organised by their peers. sa_dec2016_05

Sir Andrew Likierman Dean of London Business School with Helene Kadjar MBA2017 Student & Co-Chair of the Global Healthcare Club Conference 2016

6. LBS Hackathon (Entrepreneurship Club) Now in its 3rd successful year, the LBS Hackathon has firmly established itself as part of the School’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. Merchant Bot took home the 1st place with a slight edge over Skilltree who came second (big shout out). On the FinTech front, Team Bonsai did an impressive prototype aiming to eliminate bond issuance process from the large investment banks – however Merx won over the judges with higher scores in market validation. Praise from this year’s participants included: “Really can’t imagine a more personal and professional development-oriented 48 hours than what LBS Hackathon offered” and  “The organisation of the event was absolutely fantastic in enabling all participants to fully enjoy both the useful social interactions with new and talented people and the exciting and spirited competition”  sa_dec2016_06

LBS Hackathon participants receiving a briefing from the student organisers

For more information or to attend one of these events please visit the School’s Student-led Conferences page, which has details of all the upcoming events open to the general public.

As a student at London Business School, there will be a number of opportunities for you to get involved in Competitions.  These are fantastic ways to apply some of the theories explored in the classroom, and really showcase your knowledge, creativity and expertise in a particular area.

Types of Competitions

There are a variety of competitions available for you to participate in spanning various industries and requiring different skill sets. The main types are;

  • Business Plan Competitions: These are great opportunities for entrepreneurs who already have a business idea but haven’t got round to exploring its feasibility.  These quite often involve an element of pitching as well.
  • Hackathons: usually associated with computer programmers and designers, but what better way to get a business off the ground in a short period of time than to bring those technically gifted individuals together with talented business students, then splitting them into teams and making them compete.  We are very fortunate to have our very own LBS Hackathon which is open to the entire London coding community as well as LBS students from all its programmes.

Why you might want to get involved

As well as the opportunity to practise your skills and apply your  expertise to what are often real life problems, the competitions are a fantastic opportunity to learn through doing and to network with industry leaders, as well as students from across LBS and other top business schools.

You will more than likely be in teams, so you can learn from your teammates.  Your competitors will also be of a high calibre so you can expect to learn from them too. Most competitions are officiated by a prestigious judging panel that  provide you with feedback on your work based on their years of experience, thus providing you with a further opportunity to learn. The judges and sponsors of these competitions quite often represent potential employers.

Competitions also offer various prizes and recognition to the winning team, however it is really the taking part that counts as the experience is often invaluable.

Competitions based at LBS

Another exciting aspect of competitions at LBS is that we have our own set of established events which that you can help organise. Therefore you get to see the whole process from the other side, giving you a totally different experience.

This will often involve working directly with faculty and other leading industry experts to shape the competition and enlisting them to help judge and deliver the final event.

You also work in teams to deliver a world class initiative, so it’s a great opportunity to practice and develop those skill sets, such as leadership, communication and managing a highly talented group of individuals.

Examples of home grown competitions include;

  • Cinven Private Equity Case Competition: ran as part of the LBS PEVC Club Annual Conference. 2015 was its inaugural year the competition brings together students from the world’s top business schools to evaluate and provide recommendations for a proposed private equity buyout.
  • The Stock Pitch Competition: ran by the LBS Investment Management Club, students benefit from the experience of pitching stocks. The winning stock is then purchased by the Student Investment Fund, and the winning student is invited to join the Investment Committee of the fund.

Success Stories 

Whether participating in or organising a competition, the experience can be very rewarding and provide you with some great moments whilst on your chosen programme.


In April of this year MBA2017 students Otar Dgebuadze, Francesca Gala, Marek Sandrik, Ilaria Di Mattia and Giorgio Podda  won the SDA Bocconi International Competition in Finance held at Milan.


LBS team “Rickshaw Finance” which included LBS PHD Student Amrita Kundu won Second Place and £17,435 in the 2016 MBA Impact Investing Networking and Training (MIINT) competition held at Wharton.


LBS’s first ever IMPACTathon event involved 80 participants working hard to support and deliver solutions for social entrepreneurs tackling real social issues.

‘I thought it was absolutely brilliant to see so many students give up their weekend and deliver such high quality projects for the social enterprises in the room. We had a few social enterprises specifically say that these students have done for them what they’ve been trying to do in 18 months in the space of a weekend’ - Natasha Malpani, Big Society Capital


Our conferences can be described as the centrepiece of professional student-led events at London Business School. They provide attendees with the opportunity to debate, network and share ideas with industry pioneers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and government leaders. Also for a number of our students who organise these events they act as a vehicle for personal development covering everything from negotiating sponsorship agreements, to leading a team of up to 20 of their peers.

Now that this year’s conference season is well underway we can look back at what has taken place so far and what is still to come.

The Global Energy Summit 2015

This year’s programme kicked off with The Global Energy Summit, on Friday 6th November. Their theme this year was ‘Global Energy Markets: Shifting Economics’. The conference brought together top experts from the field to explore the effects of oil price fluctuations across the energy spectrum and allude on what the industry, government and consumers can expect from the future.  Attendees received keynotes from David Kotler, CEO of Delta International, and Spencer Dale, Chief Economist at BP among others.

EurOUT 2015

EurOUT is Europe’s leading LGBT conference. The event ran over three days between 13th – 15th November and it included a Career fair on the  first day, which was attended by the event sponsors BCG, McKinsey & Company, Bain, AT Kearney, Thermo Fisher, BNP Paribas and Travelex plus many more leading employers.  The speakers for this year included Paul Reed, CEO of BP Integrated Supply & Trading; Angela Darlington, Chief Risk Officer for Aviva; Evan Davies, News night and Steve Hatch, EMEA Director for Facebook.


EurOUT 2015 From left to right: Samuel Rensing, EurOUT co-chair Paul Reed, CEO, BP Integrated Supply and Trading, Lesley Wan, Corporate Real Estate Counsel, Lloyds Banking Group, Mark Page, Managing Partner, UK and Ireland, A.T. Kearney and Dominic Houlder, Professor, London Business School

The 14th LBS Middle East Conference

The Middle East Conference was held at the Four Seasons Hotel on Park Lane on Friday 20th November. This event provided a broad platform for students and professionals interested in conducting business in the region to learn from some of its most successful leaders.  The event included Keynotes from HE Dr Sheikh Mohammad Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait and Mohammed AlArdhi, Executive Chairman of Investcorp and Chairman of the National Bank of Oman.


Some of The Middle East Conference Organising committee with HE Dr. Sheikh Mohammad Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait. (from left to right Georges Abou Nader, Christine Makhamra, Ahmed Alansari, Dr. Sheikh Mohammad Sabah Al-Salem Al-Saba, Mariam Abdulsalam and Sami Khleif

The 7th Healthcare Conference

The final conference before the Christmas break saw the return of the Healthcare Conference after its hiatus in 2014. The event took place in the evening of Monday 7th December 2015 at the iconic British Museum. Topics discussed included The Emergence of Patient 2.0 and The Future of R&D and Innovation.  There were also keynotes from Stuart Fletcher CEO of Bupa and Dr. Paul Stoffels CSO, Worldwide Chairman Pharmaceuticals Johnson& Johnson.

Business as Usual

Alongside all this it was business as usual for the regular club events. Three examples that stood out were The Marketing Club’s ‘Meet the Marketers’, The Impact Consulting Club’s IMPACTathon and the Entrepreneur Club’s Hackathon.

  • Meet the Marketers is an annual event which gives students interested in a career in marketing the opportunity to talk face to face with several different marketers and to discover marketing opportunities across companies and sectors. The event is structured in a speed dating format followed by casual networking.  This year’s guest marketers included representatives from: J&J, WPP, Amazon, Google, Diageo, Microsoft, Starbucks, EE, Land Rover, Net-a-Porter, Medalia, Tilt & Tempur Sealy.
  • The IMPACTathon was a weekend event where students provided pro-bono consultancy support to deliver solutions for social entrepreneurs tackling real social issues. The event ended with teams presenting their recommendations to a panel of expert Judges.  The wining team worked with ‘The Sewing Rooms’ a social enterprise whose goal is to; “improve the health and wellbeing of the communities we work with, as well as improve peoples’ life chances”.  However everyone was a winner as expressed by another one of the entrepreneurs involved in the event:

‘I was astounded by the commitment the students have shown to the weekend… The effort they have put in has been phenomenal. To have outsiders really trying to understand what we do… has yielded really innovative’ solutions to the challenges we have been facing.’ Gavin Mair, Co-Founder, Numberfit

  • The LBS Hackathon was back for a second year with a FinTech focus. The event was a unique opportunity to learn, network and receive mentorship from experience entrepreneurs. Not to mention creating a brand new business from scratch over the course of a weekend.  The winning idea was ‘Property Funder’ which aims to make it easier for people to invest in real estate projects, providing analytic tools and a wealth of local information to support investment decisions. You can read up on the event here http://bit.ly/1KfNZeK

Up Next . . .

There are plenty more regular club events such as Meet the Marketers, the IMPACTathon and the FinTech Hackathon, planned for the rest of the year, as well as several more conferences. Our conferences are open to industry professionals as well as students, so you are welcome to join the conversion at whichever event is relevant to you.

The upcoming spring term conferences are as follows:

Full List of Spring Term Conferences

  • Latin America Business Forum – 5 February, 2016

Website: http://www.labf-lbs.com  

  • Tech Media Summit/Entrepreneurship– 19 February, 2016

Website: http://lbsgeneratione.weebly.com

  • Real Estate Forum – 29 February, 2016
  • Asset Management Conference – 4 March, 2016

Website: http://lbsamc.com

  • Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference – 11 March, 2016

Website: http://bit.ly/1nujOMk

  • Women in Business Conference – 18 March, 2016

Website http://www.lbswibconference.com/

For more information on our student led conferences please visit the website.

The student clubs at London Business host regular social, cultural and community based events. Examples from the first half of the  autumn term include LBS for London , the brand new LatAm Party, The Manhattan Short Film Festival , LBS Shares and the legendary Diwali Party. The list below will give you a flavour of the day to day professional events held on campus, which provide our students with a fantastic networking and learning opportunity outside of the classroom and complements the theory being explored within the classroom.

Dublin Trek 2015_LBS

In September, The Commodities Club invited Andrew Harding who spoke to students about his journey ‘From MBA to the CEO of Rio Tinto Iron Ore’. Andrew reflected on his career path from an MBA graduate to a CEO. He discussed the value of his MBA and how it contributed to his success.  He also touched on his personal approach to work/life balance and then engaged in a Q&A with the audience.

Also in September The Portugal Club held an event with The Lloyd’s Group CEO and LBS Governor António Horta-Osório, discussing ‘Leadership and The Future of Banking’.

The Industry club launched its ‘What is….?’ series of speaker events with the ‘What is E-Commerce?’. The club was joined by representatives from Expedia Affiliate Network, Amazon and the Co-Founder and CEO of Bloom & Wild. Participants heard first-hand what it is like to work for an e-commerce company.

In October, ‘A ride in the future of car racing’ was the topic of discussion with Alejandro Agag (CEO Formula E). This was the first event of the year from The Sports Business Club. The former Politician and owner of Queens Park Rangers talked about the incredible path that Formula E has undertaken from a concept on a couple of PPT slides to a great business venture with races in all continents. The evening was superbly moderated by LBS Professor Rupert Merson.

The Energy Club organised ‘Shell presents: Future Fuels in the Energy Transition’ event. This was a  presentation from Matthew Tippert (VP, Alternative Energies), followed by networking with five LBS  alumni working across the different divisions at Shell.

The Women in Business Club and McKinsey’s unconscious bias team had a discussion ‘Unconscious Bias: What does it look like?’ where they discussed the implications unconscious bias has on everyday life, and problem solve interventions to help build awareness and change mind sets around these common and regular occurrences, which affect all diversity groups and beyond.

‘AQR: The Evolution of Style Investing’ was an interactive discussion, organised by The Investment Management Club, about the evolution of style investing with six senior staff from AQR, including Gregor Andrade, Principal and Head of International Business Development.

At the end of October, The Asia Club organised a four-day trip to Hong Kong for an Investment Banking Career Trek, packed with networking sessions with financial services firms and London Business School alumni. The companies visited included Goldman Sachs, BAML, Barclays, Citi, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, and Nomura.  All our Career Treks are led by student volunteers, with support and guidance from the School’s Career Centre.

This was followed by the Dublin Tech Trek. Organised by The Tech & Media Club who worked in collaboration with the Career Centre’s Head of Corporate Sectors, an opportunity for students to visit the European Headquarters of the leading technology companies in the world and gain great insights into their operations and internship opportunities

I hope you found this insight useful, I will be bringing  you monthly round ups of the top student lets events at the School.

There’s no doubt that you have seen the rankings, heard about the fantastic Faculty (both in terms of teaching and research), the wonderful location of the School and the opportunities it offers in terms of career progression. These are some of the key elements which factor in your decision in regards to which Business School is best for you.  Something you may not be aware of right away when you choose to study at London Business School is that you get all the above as well as an extremely vibrant student- led programme of extracurricular events and activities.



Of course there’s the social element and in a city like London you would expect nothing less but once you factor in the sheer diversity of the LBS community, it takes it to another level! Ask a second year about Tattoo or MBAT!

LBS team at MBAT


If its entertainment you want, you would be forgiven for never leaving London during your time with us but the festivities span the Earth (literally) with cultural treks to destinations such as Japan, Africa and Brazil. (Not to mention the Ibiza Trek, Oktoberfest and the legendary Snow Trek) It’s during such activities that you really get to know your fellow students and form those lifelong friendships.


Women in Business Conference



Still there’s more, with 25 professional interest clubs, your personal development is at the heart of this eco system. The Professional Clubs along with the majority of the regional ones run a variety of events designed to enhance your learning and give you a competitive advantage in the jobs market.



The various types of events include:

The opportunity to debate, network and share ideas with world leaders, industry pioneers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and government leaders.

These involve a group of students travelling to a particular region to meet recruiters on-site at their offices. They are led by students who work closely with the School’s Career Centre. The Treks include visits to Silicon Valley, Singapore and Dubai.

On a daily basis clubs invite top CEOs and industry experts to share their knowledge and experience with the LBS community.

From case competitions to start up challenges, these give you a chance to apply your existing expertise and put into practice all the new theory that you learn in the classroom.

These events are all designed to help you to:

  • Improve your understanding of your chosen industry
  • Engage with a number of top firms from various sectors
  • Network with LBS Alumni, other professionals working in your chosen industry, as well as students from the various programmes at the School and other top institutions.

LBS Singapore Industry Career Trek 2015



The greatest advantage of the fact that all activities are student-led is that if you feel there is a genuine gap or demand for an event or activity which you and your fellow students would benefit from, you can join a club as an officer and help to create it. This was the case for fantastic events at the School such as the LBS Hackathon  and the London Entrepreneur Review.


In  choosing to become an officer or leader  of a Student Club you get to apply the knowledge you learn in the classroom straight away by leading a team of Business School students to put on events and fulfill your clubs objectives.

Find out more about our student led conferences on this website:  conferences.london.edu

Read about student activities at London Business School from the point of view of our students:


Lastly check out the highlight video from the activities that took place last year 2014/2015.