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If you have decided to submit an application to the Early Career programmes at London Business School (Masters in Management, Global Masters in Management and Masters in Financial Analysis), you may have already researched the benefits of studying here, employment opportunities and the network you will gain as a student at the School.  Once you have a strong understanding of how London Business School can help your academic, professional and personal development, it is also important to start researching your financing options. A Masters degree is a big investment in your career and future and there is a wide range of financial support available to help you both from London Business School and externally. This blog is designed to give students a better understanding of the selection criteria for London Business School scholarships.

Students accepted in the Early Career programmes at London Business School have access to two types of scholarships: merit-based and bursary scholarships.

Merit-based scholarships do not require an application and candidates will be automatically considered for these upon receiving an offer from the Admissions Committee.  When reviewing candidates for a merit-based scholarship, the Scholarship Committee takes into consideration academic, personal and professional achievements but also the strength of the application and interview for our programmes. Alongside a good academic record, strong internships and a clear focus in their career path, potential scholars will need to showcase a great deal of motivation for becoming a student at London Business School. We expect our scholars to be active members of the community and act as ambassadors of the programme and the School. This can often be demonstrated through extracurricular activities on campus in your undergraduate degree or showing through your application and interview that you have already reflected on the ways in which you can contribute to the London Business School community. Antonio from the Masters in Management (MIM) Class of 2016 is only one example of the high quality students joining our programmes every year:

Antonio_Marcelo_MIM2016“I am a Portuguese national who lived in Lisbon since birth, with the exception of a semester abroad in France.  I completed my Bachelors degree at Nova School of Business and Economics, where I have built solid foundations in economic analysis.  In parallel to my academic studies, I had a career as a gymnast, which was highlighted by the participation in two European Championships (2010 and 2012) and the 1st place in two National Championships (2009 and 2014). While my professional and academic experiences taught me the contents required to have success in the future, having the opportunity to be part of a team without equal taught me the importance of discipline, hard work, cooperation and persistence in the pursuit of the goals that one defines. Adding to this, I was a part-time Usher during my undergraduate degree at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and a summer intern at Banco Popular and Banco Invest. While the first allowed me to develop strong communication and teamwork skills, the latter allowed me to have an understanding of the financial sector that I hope to be a highly valuable asset for my post-programme position.”

Bursary scholarships require an application and this can only be submitted once you have received an offer from the Admissions Committee at the School. In order to be reviewed for a bursary scholarship, you will need to provide information on the estimated costs of your year at London Business School and how you expect to fund your studies in the absence of a bursary award. Bursary scholarships are awarded on both financial aid and merit.

Full information on both merit-based scholarships and bursaries can be found on our website here.

London Business School encourages candidates to explore all scholarship and financing opportunities available to them in their home country or country of residence. Sources can include charitable organisations, government agencies and the local British Council Office. In addition to these independent sources of funding, candidates are able to apply to the Prodigy – London Business School Loan Scheme.

Kathleen Bell from the Financial Aid Office at London Business School has provided more information on the loan opportunities available to students in previous blogs which can be found here.

Global recruiters recognise our Masters in Management (MiM) graduates as those capable of hitting the ground running with the skills and mind-set to take on the challenges of the fast-moving business world.

By choosing our MiM, you’ll gain a rigorous and analytical understanding in the techniques and frameworks of general management enhanced by a series of Global Immersion Field Trips (GIFTs), peers from over 140 countries and real-world experience and insight from our international renowned faculty.

We asked four MiM ambassadors why they chose London Business School.


Anushka Doshi

Anushka Doshi

“I set my eyes on London Business School at an event in Boston during my sophomore year when I heard numerous faculty and alumni speak about their experiences at LBS.  I was also fortunate enough to be mentored by an entrepreneurship professor at Babson College who is an LBS alum and spoke to me about the merits of the school, the fabulous network and esteemed faculty. I look forward to hearing multiple languages while walking around campus but also sharing the same ethos and speaking the same ‘language’ when it comes to our commitment towards business in the classroom and otherwise – whichever sector we choose to join post MiM!” 



Ben Jeffery

Ben Jeffery “I think it is safe to assume that everyone doing a MiM is an ambitious person, and ambitious people will always strive for the pinnacle of their focus. It goes without saying LBS has a fantastic reputation globally and is ranked amongst the best business schools in the world.  I also happen to have three LBS MBA alumni in my extended family, and after picking their brains about my options and their respective careers they left me in no doubt that LBS was THE place to apply to.

There is a huge range of nationalities and cultures within the current class (51 different countries) as well as an eclectic mix of academic and professional backgrounds. This presents a very exciting opportunity to share our experiences and build lasting professional and personal relationships.”


Nuria Riechenberg 

Nuria Riechenberg

“I was born in the small country of Luxembourg, raised by a German father and a Spanish mother. I pursued my undergraduate studies in Economics at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States but I soon realised that America also wasn’t quite able to fully satisfy my cultural appetite, so I soon decided to add an Asian language to the mix, leading me to study Japanese and spend a year in Japan. After graduation, I interned at the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tokyo and then moving to probably the most globally representative body in this world: The United Nations in New York. The main reason I chose London Business School over other graduate options is for its global student and faculty body.

What I am looking forward to is a year of late-night study sessions, brooding over pages of complicated assignments and problem sets with the best and brightest of peers. World-class teaching on all the business subjects that I know still nothing of. An international journey that spans the cities of London, Shanghai, Mumbai, Paris and many more. A corporate network that includes the most forward-looking, dynamic and sustainable businesses that tackle the pressing global challenges of the day. And last but definitely not least, the greatest group of friends and class mates this world has to offer.”


Zi (Cara) Ge

Cara Ge“London Business School stands out as the best platform to achieve my career goal, with its rich portfolio of practice-oriented faculty and diverse student pool specialising in so many different industries. I believe London is the place where I can have it all, to keep in touch with any time zone and follow each ongoing market; which hopefully can make me stay vigilant towards the business world as a whole, (while sometimes it also means horribly long working hours for investment bankers).”



See further ambassador insights here.


The Admissions Committee encourages all applicants to put a lot of thought into their application, take the time to prepare for the GMAT/GRE and choose their referees carefully. The MiM admissions blog already includes information on the ideal MiM candidate, hints and tips for a successful interview and application but are there any other steps that you can take in order to ensure you demonstrate you are the right candidate for us? In this blog, I will explain the purpose of admissions events and why you should attend one (or more).

Make a good first impression on the Admissions Team.  The application is a first step in getting to know you but there is no better way to meet a candidate than in a face to face conversation.  How can you make a good impression on the Admissions Committee? This is your opportunity to tell us who you are and why you want to be a student at London Business School. It is also your opportunity to see what the School can do for your academic, professional and personal development. It is encouraged to do some research on the programme and come prepared with questions. We like to meet candidates who are self-aware, mature and know what they want to achieve from postgraduate education. We are also happy to provide advice and support to those who are yet to decide what they want to do in their professional career. Writing a follow-up email the next day can help you stand out from the crowd and further build your relationship with us.

IMG_3314Network with people of similar interests. Undergraduates and recent university graduates may not have had the opportunity to hone networking skills. An admissions event is an opportunity to meet other people at the same career level as you are and who have the same concerns and/or goals as you do. For example, do you come from a History background but have an interest in business? You might meet someone in the same situation as you who can tell you more about their experience and what steps they have taken towards a career in business. Who knows? You may become classmates in the future.

 Show your commitment to the School. Visiting the School or meeting admissions professionals at events around the world shows a genuine interest in London Business School. Not only you are taking the time to meet with us but you have also prepared insightful questions about our programmes and want to learn more about what the School has to offer. Your attendance at an admissions event is also recorded in our database and you can add a note in your application on who you met from London Business School.

Picture1Meet a current student or alumni. What better way to get information on a programme than from a current student or alumni? Students and alumni are always happy to share their experience with prospective students. Our website provides much information on career opportunities but what are the students and alumni saying? If you have not yet taken the GMAT or GRE, get their advice on how long you should be preparing for this exam or see if they are willing to share any tips on how to best prepare for it. Make use of this meeting by asking questions on career development, programme offerings and student life. 

Attending admissions events also help you figure out whether a postgraduate programme at London Business School is indeed the right step for you. We want our students to have the best experience at the School and achieve their goals and the best way to do that is by getting as much information as you can about what we have to offer.

 More information on Admissions Events can be found on our website here. We hope to see you at an event in the near future!

How time flies! The Class of 2014 will be graduating in less than two months and we are fast approaching our final application deadline for the Class of 2015 (MiM2015).

As MiM2014s will be leaving our beautiful campus soon, I recently took the opportunity to collect some feedback on, what we hear is always a highlight of the programme, Business Immersion Week.

Before giving an insight into Business Immersion Week (BIW) from a student perspective, let me first explain what BIW actually is. BIW consists of five days of company visits and campus presentations, focusing on creating networking opportunities and allowing students to discover a variety of companies and learn about the way they operate and the challenges they face.  One thing to remember: BIW is not about getting a job! It is about discovering different industries and learning about different corporate cultures. During Business Immersion Week students are also tasked to consider and discuss real business issues and challenges these companies are facing. Typically students meet with senior managers, often LBS alumni, to understand the company.

Companies that took part this year include: AT Kearney, BBC Worldwide, Bow & Arrow, Deloitte, Hermes Fund Managers, IBM, Mastercard, Rackspace, Schroders, Universal Music Group, the Net-a-Porter Group, Unilever, Yahoo! and others. BIW also included a presentation on our very own LBS Incubator, which houses students who are launching their own business straight from their programme.


MiMs visiting Universal Music UK

Here is some feedback received from our students:

During our visit to A.T. Kearney’s London office, we heard from Mr. Danil Makarov (MiM Alumnus). Danil told us more about the company culture, walked  us through his journey, thus far, with AT Kearney and gave us valuable tips on how to be more effective consultants. We were also invited for a  networking lunch where we had the chance to engage in chats with multiple A.T. Kearney consultants. Rashid, Saudi Arabia

  It is surprising to see, even within sizeable firms, how an individual can make such a considerable difference. During Business Immersion Week, I had the chance to visit the London offices of IBM and, by talking to some LBS alumni, I was able to understand how the company gives its employees the adequate platforms to support their personal endeavours and projects. Diogo, Portugal

During Business Immersion Week, I had a great experience visiting Aberdeen Asset Management. Not only this was my first asset management company visit, but I also had the opportunity to experience first hand how the operations run on the ground by talking to company employees face to face. After finishing the company visit, I was sure I wanted to give a shot to this new industry I haven’t experienced before! Alex, Romania

I had the chance to visit Yahoo! and gain some more insight into the constantly changing tech industry. It was really interesting to hear the company’s vision on how they planned to reinvent themselves in the changing competitive landscape where other companies like Google and Bing have started to take the lead. Christina, USA

During BIW Week, I had the chance to visit MasterCard office in London. I was amazed by the office premises, it has the best view of the beautiful Canary Wharf.  BIW gave me the unique opportunity to interact with senior management. It has given me a chance to consider MasterCard as a potential employer. Snigdha, India

The LBS Incubator gave me a chance to have a closer look at the businesses and the people who decided to commit to the entrepreneurship experience. It was very informal and down-to-earth and I managed to get an idea of what is the day-to-day life on an entrepreneur and all the persistence and motivation it takes to succeed and get your idea going. Viktoria, Bulgaria

I hope this blog has given you an idea of how Business Immersion Week works! If you are interested in gaining more information on what the programme has to offer, please visit our website. For more information on your eligibility for our programme, do not hesitate to contact us via email at mim@london.edu.

Hi all! Greetings from lovely London.

As my other two blogs were mainly focused on the application process, this time I have decided to change the scenery and focus on what the MiM2014s have been up to last summer. Whilst we are all looking forward to Christmas and snow, you can’t ever have enough of the summer (especially if you are in London).

Applications usually open a year before the start of the programme and we, the MiM Team, are always looking for ways to keep in touch with our future students throughout the year. Students from all of our programmes (and staff) are very proud of being part of the London Business School community and, for this reason, our photo library is filled with picture of students on their various adventures before joining us. Once candidates are made an offer, they become part of the LBS community, a community we know they are proud of even before they actually arrive on campus. This is how ‘My Summer before LBS started’.

The rules are: candidates who have been made an offer from the school will enter this competition by taking a photo in an interesting place anywhere in the world whilst holding up our competition sign. Here are some fun examples of the photos submitted by our current MiMs:

 Alexandre Marche             Barbara Vojtkova              Ellen Hsueh

Indonesia                                             Trading floor – London                      Taipei 101

Victoria Cai               Jerome, Ronan, Thomas and Thibaut               Pascal de Kruyff

 Berlin                                                    Yangon, Myanmar                            South Vietnam

Photos were displayed at Orientation and there was also a prize involved. If you have been admitted in next year’s class, do keep an eye out for your offer pack and take part in the competition! We are always happy to keep in touch with our future students.

Happy Holidays everyone and I look forward to blogging in the next year!

If you are currently in the application process for the Masters in Management programme, please feel free to drop us a line to mimadmissions@london.edu with any questions you may have.

Please be aware that the Admissions Office will be closed between 23rd December 2013 – 1st January 2014 (inclusive) for the holiday period.

For more updates on our MiM programme, also join our Facebook page.


Postgraduate programmes research… we understand there is so much information to review about entry requirements, work experience, GMAT scores, and further to that no shortage of tips on how to make your application more competitive. Whilst these things are all very important to consider before you even get to the application stage, I would like to offer an insight into what our Admissions Committee is looking for in Masters in Management candidates.

Let’s start from the beginning. You are in your final year of university or have graduated recently and you decide that a postgraduate course would be the next appropriate step in your career. You conduct research on several business schools and discover the Masters in Management programme at London Business School. You check entry requirements and you tick all the boxes! Is that enough? Below you will find a few points that you should have a think about when crafting your application and essay questions, and deciding whether you are a good fit for the MiM.

The majority of students will want to pursue postgraduate business studies in order to achieve their career goals. As such we want to see individuals who have the motivation to achieve their career goals and whether they have already taken any steps towards them. We will be looking at whether there has been a clear focus in your work experience thus far, and that you understand how this programme is going to help you fast track your career. If there hasn’t been a clear focus, have you been working to obtain a transferable skill set that can be utilised in your job/industry of choice?

We are looking for high-performing individuals coming from good universities around the world who have pushed themselves to excel in an academic environment, and who have achieved success in doing so. The programme accepts candidates with no work experience at all and, in this case, the Admissions Team will be looking at other aspects that you have excelled in during your undergraduate career (such as music, arts, sports, volunteer work, etc). The Committee will also be assessing grades, awards and scholarships, exchange programmes, summer schools and studying abroad. All of these activities or projects are important as they may give you transferrable skills for your desired industry such as teamwork, leadership, ambition for success and interpersonal skills. These transferable skills are important not just for your career, but also for the classroom here, which is why we put so much emphasis on them. However, please be aware that most students will have had at least one internship prior to starting the programme, and thus having solid internships in top-tier firms, or a solid family business or entrepreneurial experience, can help to boost your candidacy. If there are any gaps in your CV, it is recommended that you discuss this in your application.

International awareness is also an important aspect of our programme. Students come from more than 40 countries and speak 46 languages so having a multicultural outlook is essential. A multicultural mindset will also be valuable for your future career as, nowadays, recruiters are looking for candidates who also have the ability to work harmoniously with other cultures. Regardless of whether you have had the opportunity to travel or study abroad we want to see that you have an interest to be a part of the multicultural environment at London Business School. Do ask yourself: will you enjoy being challenged by different points of view?

We are looking for leaders in the making who are also great team players. Why is it so important to have excellent team working skills? Study groups make working in teams and collaboration a vital aspect of the learning process at LBS so we are looking for individuals who work well in this team-based environment. You should be comfortable with sharing ideas and taking a step back when needed. You also need to be ready to step-up and take charge when appropriate. Showing leadership potential and the ability to build a network are both equally important.

Is there a certain, exact profile that you have to perfectly match? No.
We are not recruiting the same people over and over again – that is the fun of the MiM!

Our students are very different in terms of nationality, degree subject, university and work experience. Having peers that come from such diverse backgrounds makes the learning experience more interesting and exciting.What your classmates will share however are a certain drive, energy, collaboration and ambition which make them a good London Business School ‘fit’.

If you have any questions about your eligibility for the Masters in Management programme, please feel free to submit a post below or submit your CV for review to mim@london.edu.

As the main point of contact for most applicants of the Masters in Management programme here at London Business School, I have a few tips on what one should do before submitting an application.

‘It has always been my dream to study at London Business School’. A wise man has said that no dream comes true until you wake up and go to work so before you hit that ‘Submit’ button, you should ask yourself:

Do I meet the minimum entry requirements? If you are not sure whether you meet the minimum entry requirements, get in touch with the Admissions Team and submit your CV and transcripts for review. We aim to select candidates that will be successful in the programme and we are positive that you want to be successful too!  If we have recommended that you are not eligible for the MiM, do take our advice. Please keep in mind that we do not only consider whether you are a good fit for the programme but also whether the programme is a good fit for you.

Do I have to take the GMAT or the GRE?  Yes, not only because this is one of the entry requirements of the programme but also if you are interested in pursuing a career in consulting. Whilst we look for scores higher than 600, top tier companies will be looking at GMAT scores higher than 700. Some candidates are permitted to apply without a GMAT at the Admissions Committee’s discretion. However, your grades and CV would have to be stellar and you may still be asked to take this exam at a later stage. So why not spend a bit of time preparing for the GMAT, achieve a good score and take your mind off it? If you have taken the GRE, we look for GRE scores that are equivalent to a GMAT score higher than 600.

What if I haven’t graduated yet? The Admissions Committee will be looking at your grades at the time of application. You can request your undergraduate transcripts up to date from your university and you will only be required to provide your original final transcripts if you are accepted in the programme.

Should I visit the campus?  Yes! We take a note of your visit and it is also an excellent opportunity to create a good first impression on the Admissions Team. Come prepared with questions that cannot be easily found on the website or in the brochure. It is also a great chance for you to get a feel for the campus life and meet some of the current students. Keep an eye on our events page if you are planning to visit the campus anytime soon.

Can my parents call the Admissions Office? Of course they can, especially if they are concerned about something and, after all, it is their duty to help you succeed. However, we do recommend that you contact us yourself as we would like to see that you are in control of the process and that you are motivated enough to learn more about the programme.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to submit a post below.