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Now we have had some posts about the team, entry requirements and a snapshot of the MiM2014 orientation, let me tell you about new updates to the programme for the Class of 2015!


Let me start by introducing our all singing, all dancing brochure (please note it will not sing or dance, but it will give you a great snapshot of your next year on the programme); you can download the brochure by clicking here.


Hopefully you have not been too distracted by the brochure and have returned to this post! New to the programme for 2015 is the introduction of electives to the Masters in Management students. Joining us in 2015, you will be required to take two electives from the School’s portfolio.  This means, for the first time, as a MiM student you will not only have access to the electives but also to learn alongside the London Business School community.


Electives are taught across all programmes in the School and you will interact with MBAs, MiFs, EMBAs and Sloans. Enabling you to learn from business professionals, as well as your peer group; this will both diversify and enrich your London Business School experience.  The electives have been developed as a way for MiM students to not only gain from more experienced students’ perspectives, but also contribute to the classroom amongst such professionals.


The diversity in the subjects you can choose will allow you to customise your degree, whether this is taking electives in differing subjects, to choosing to take more specialised subjects to deepen your knowledge in an area of interest. Elective subjects include Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management Science and Organisational Behaviour, Marketing and Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Much like your core courses, electives are taught by our world class faculty who are specialists in their field, sharing the most up to date research. Our next newsletter will showcase more information about our electives and ensure that you receive this newsletter all you need to do is send your CV to us for review.


We feel this is a crucial juncture at which to introduce the electives, with our students are diversifying their career choices and our Masters in Management programme can help develop you in areas of professional interest and enhance your readiness for the workplace. Another of the new elements of the programme will also be the enhancement of our language requirement.


Much like our MBA programme, another vital part of the global experience you will be immersed in here is ensuring that you complete the programme speaking a second language. The majority of our students already meet this requirement upon joining the programme; the current class speaks 42 languages between 43 nationalities! The value of having a second language has never been so great. As recently quoted in the Financial Times, Will Dawkins, of executive search firm Spencer Stuart, says ‘most enlightened companies look for candidates for senior jobs who are not only multilingual but also have performed a significant leadership task in another language’. Whilst you won’t (yet) be looking for a senior position, entering a more junior position (after graduation from the MiM) with the foundations in another language, will set you in good stead to compete with multilingual candidates in global companies.


We hope that you are as excited about the new elements of the programme as we are!


Now that all that Masters in Management Team have published a blog post, maybe it is time to identify what each of us does and who you need to contact for different information. To give you a brief overview of the core Admissions Team, we have Jamie Lynne Wright – Senior Recruitment and Admissions Manager, Alexandra Salter – Recruitment and Admissions Manager, Lisa Mortini – Recruitment and Admissions Manager, Ivan Anderson – Client Services Manager and Nicoleta Chiriac the Recruitment and Admissions Administrator.


MeI will start with myself, as Alexandra comes first alphabetically and I am writing this blog! I am one of the Recruitment and Admissions Managers within the Masters in Management Team. I joined the team last November having previously working in the MBA Team for 15 months. I manage regions that include China, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. This means if you come from one of these regions, I will be coordinating your interview with an Alumnus/a (except Europe where you will be expected to come to Campus).  I will also be in contact with you if you become an Alumnus and can interview for us in those regions – but that is a little way off! As part of the team I also manage Waitlisted candidates (you can visit my previous blog on this here) and I coordinate follow-up interviews and send decisions to candidates in this group. I also manage other exciting elements such as Scholarships, the CAS/Visa process and the University of London Housing. Lots of these elements are things that I work on once applicants become ‘Admits’ but if you do have any questions about any of the above listed topics at any point during your application process  then please do leave me a comment below and I will get back to you.



Next up, the other half of the R&A Management Team is Lisa Mortini. Lisa manages the Americas, India and Asia Pacific and she coordinates interviews within these regions. Lisa has particular responsibility for the Admits Newsletter and Portal content, ensuring that if you are made an ‘Offer’ you have the relevant information available to you. Like me, Lisa also leads on interviews so if you are invited to interview on campus it is most likely you will meet one of us. Lisa has been with the Masters in Management Programme since its inception five years ago and has travelled extensively – presenting at fairs, information sessions and conducting interviews abroad. Before this Lisa also worked for the MBA Team managing the North American region. Lisa also coordinates this Admissions Blog on behalf of the team!



NCNicoleta Chiriac is the glue that keeps us in a steady supply of applications. Joining us in February 2012 as Recruitment and Admissions Administrator, she is responsible for ensuring the smooth administration of student data and the application process. Nicoleta is the first point of contact for applicants if there are any issues with their application. She also sends decisions to candidates and coordinates interviews here on Campus. Nicoleta is actively involved all the way through and will send you your ‘Offer Packs’ and Portal logins. She is also responsible for the verification of your transcripts and Terms & Conditions. Furthermore, Nicoleta also hosts drop-in sessions, so you might get the chance to meet with her on Campus, she can be contacted at mimadmissions@london.edu .





Leading our Client Services activities is Ivan Anderson, responsible for liaising with prospective students to provide support in the lead-up to applying. Ivan also works closely with our Student Ambassadors in ensuring that they are they are active on our social media channels and answering your queries in a timely manner.  Ivan can be reached at mim@london.edu and is the first point of contact for all candidate enquiries and CV reviews.





JWLast but by no means least, we have Senior Recruitment and Admissions Manager, Jamie Lynne Wright. Jamie heads up the Recruitment and Admissions Team and has been with the MiM team since the programme launched, where she previously managed Client Services. Jamie provides management to the R&A/Client Services Team and also provides strategic oversight of the Masters in Management Programme. If you attend an Information Session on-campus or one further afield you may have the opportunity to meet with Jamie. She also conducts on-campus interviews.




Now that you know the team, why not introduce yourself to us? Please feel free to leave a comment below, where a member of the team can get back to you. Alternatively, if you would like your eligibility for the programme to be assessed, please send your CV to mim@london.edu .

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Waitlist, the dreaded Waitlist! As Manager of Masters in Management (MiM) Waitlist, I hope that you will find the below guide in Waitlist etiquette a useful tool should you find yourself on the Waitlist.

So you’ve been put on the Waitlist – what not to do next

…yes, you read it correctly, what not to do next:

  • Don’t panic. Being Waitlisted at London Business School isn’t an automatic rejection and does not mean that you won’t secure a place on your chosen programme. Don’t get overwhelmed by the word ‘Waitlist’ in your decision email. Instead carefully read the email instructions, be proactive and follow the steps indicated in your decision email – which may help to support your application review.
  • Don’t bombard the Admissions Committee…so you know the CEO of a well-known MNC and they might be able to write you a recommendation? Great! Well, not necessarily. Will this person add fresh information to your application? Even if so, use cautiously. Instead, carefully consider the update you give to the Committee. Have you got a new internship or an exciting volunteering opportunity abroad? Send an updated CV, we want to know more. Have your grades for this semester/term improved? Tell us! The Committee deal with multiple candidates and you want to be memorable – for the right reasons.
  • Don’t ignore the decision email if it asks you to follow up on a specific issue or not respond at all. The Admissions Committee won’t assume that you are still interested in the programme if you don’t keep them updated. Do confirm your motivation and that London Business School is the place you want to be.
  • Don’t be surprised or unprepared for a follow-up call. If the Career Services Team or an Admissions Manager wants to follow up with you after your interview – ask yourself why – are your career goals a stretch? Had you researched the programme thoroughly? Were you able to show what contribution you would make at the School? Do reflect on your interview, was your interviewer probing particular areas more than others? Do you think you gave sufficient answers? Don’t delay in telling the Admission Committee about conflicting expiring offers. If you have been made an offer from another school but you know that London Business School is the place you want to be – then reach out to the Committee. Do make it clear who the offer is from, when it expires and when you need to hear from the Committee by.

The key thing to remember if you have been placed on the Waitlist is to communicate with the Admissions Committee – be memorable for the right reasons.