How to Submit a Strong Late Application to the LBS Sloan Masters

Written by Arione McQueenie

September is here, which for many people means going back to school or thinking about future education. For a number of you this will mean realising too late that the final application deadline for the LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership in Strategy has now passed. However, never fear! We are still accepting late applications from exceptional candidates, as we understand a window to study can open up at any time, and if this is the case we want to work with you to ensure you don’t miss the chance. This article will cover what we classify as an exceptional candidate, and how to make that strong late application if you do intend to apply.

How do I know if I am an exceptional candidate?

The LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy programme is a 12 month, full time programme designed for senior, experienced, high-calibre professionals and executives. Sloan fellows tend to possess over 15 years work experience, with 10 years of managerial responsibilities and have extensive strategic and leadership experience within their fields. We are looking for people who are decision makers within their companies and have excellent international exposure.

It is not just experience that makes a good Sloan fellow; we also want to hear about your motivations study and your career aspirations, both of which should be clearly evidenced in your application essays. Are you looking for the skills and confidence to accelerate to a C-suite or board-level position, or to start your own business? Then the Sloan programme might just be a good fit for you.

For further information on what makes a good Sloan candidate please review our Entry Requirements and recent Class Profiles.

Do I need a GMAT to Apply?

In exceptional cases, the GMAT or Executive Assessment (EA) can be waived. We will consider waivers for candidates whose work experience, professional status or prior degree/training indicates a high level of analytical or quantitative ability. Requests for waivers will be considered after candidates have submitted their online application. If you have not yet taken the GMAT we advise you to consider the Executive Assessment.

If you do not feel you would be qualified for a waiver, you can still submit your application pre-test as part of the Fast Track Process. Fast Track is where you are able to submit your application with fewer documents, all you require is the completed online application form, CV, essays, and one reference. This is completed using the standard online application form and speeds up the application process considerably as you have less documents to provide.

Who should my references be from?

References are a key aspect of your application as they allow us an in depth insight into your character and how you work as part of a team. Your reference should ideally be from a current manager, or someone who knows you well within a professional capacity, as we understand that references are sensitive and you may not want this openly discussed at an early stage.

A common pitfall we see on applications is candidates choosing their CEO, who they have had minimal contact with, as their reference as they want the impressive job title on their application. However, this makes a poor reference as we are then not provided with enough information to make an informed admissions decision. The reference for the LBS Sloan Masters is a personal reference and we will be asking them questions concerning your motivations for study, and whether they would recommend you for the programme, please choose someone who knows you well!

As part of the Fast Track process we only need one reference in order to start assessing your application. Please provide your reference’s details via the online application form and we will then send a specific form to them to complete and return to us. I would advise submitting your reference details ASAP, in order to allow them plenty of time to complete the form.

What are my next steps?

If you plan on making an application please send your CV to sloan@london.edu, this will allow the recruitment team to provide an informal assessment of your suitability and advise you as to whether you should make an application. I would then advise that you visit our How to Apply page for more information and our application checklist.

All non UK/EU citizens should get in touch ASAP as they will need to apply very quickly due to visa requirements for the programme’s January start.

Please do get in touch with sloan@london.edu if you have any questions, and we are always happy to set up a phone chat or on campus consultation to discuss any questions further.

And finally, good luck with your application!