Sloan MSc – Scholarships

Written by Matthew Foster

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Funding your studies is an important consideration when looking to undertake a programme of higher education, particularly when the programme of study is full time such as the Sloan MSc.

There are a number of funding options open to potential Sloan Fellows, including company sponsorship, loans and personal finances.

For those the Admissions Committee consider will make an exceptional contribution to the class, we are delighted to offer these scholarships to support future Sloan Fellows:

50th Anniversary Scholarship                   

Closing date for Scholarship submissions: 17:00 (UK time) Wednesday 13 September

Sloan MSc Women’s Scholarship

Closing date for Scholarship submissions: 17:00 (UK time) Wednesday 26 July

Philip Langsdale Scholarship

All applications received before September 2017 will be considered

Sloan Alumni Scholarship

All applications received before Wednesday 26 July will be considered

Sloan Awards

All applications received before Wednesday 26 July will be considered


Paul Liu

Prior to the scholarship offer, I was already totally committed to the LBS experience.   I was keenly aware that every other scholarship candidate – chosen from a global and elite base – had equally good credentials, if not better.  Beyond delight, I am truly honoured to be chosen as a scholar of this great institution. I hope to play a critical role in furthering the school’s global charter in the days ahead! Paul Liu – 50th Anniversary Scholar



Lalaine Valdes



The scholarship provided additional confidence and confirmed the alignment of purpose between the applicant and LBS in making and contributing to positive change by challenging the status quo on female talent. Lalaine Valdes – Women’s Scholar



Donald Mi



It made me feel even more confident to join the programme. I can feel the trust from the programme and LBS, as well as the responsibilities. I know I have a lot to contribute to the class and the programme. Donald Mi – Philip Langsdale Scholar





Our Scholars truly are some of the best and brightest of the cohort; they are not only recognised for their contribution to business thus far, but also in anticipation of their contribution to the success of the class, the Sloan MSc, and the wider School community.

Applications for these Scholarships are open now, and more details can be found on our website.