How can part-time students make the most of the LBS student experience?

Written by LBS Archive

We often get asked whether part-time students have the same opportunities to get involved in the student community as full-time students. If you plan to study our Masters in Finance or Executive MBA part-time format the opportunities are the same; however, you may wish to consider how you will juggle your work and personal commitments as well as time to fit in your studies. We asked some of our current Masters in Finance part-time students how much they get involved in student clubs and how they manage these commitments.


Margarita_Economides_smBeing involved in student clubs is a great way to meet members of the London Business School (LBS) community across different programmes. Attending club events provides a fantastic opportunity to listen to inspirational speakers, as well as meet former and current students. Managing my time is challenging, but I tend to participate in club events during weekday evenings and study at the weekends. It is also possible to participate in treks organised by student clubs, for example I joined the Japan Trek and the Snow Trek – both were fantastic and memorable experiences! 

I have embraced the opportunity to participate in a great number of clubs on campus. In my first year at LBS, I was the Vice President of Asset Management for the Investment Management Club and organised three speaker events. This year, I am the Treasurer of the Women in Business Club. I am also an Ambassador for the Masters in Finance Programme at LBS, working with the Admissions Committee to target and attract prospective students to the Masters in Finance programme. 

My experiences of both the Women in Business Club and the Investment Management Club have been very positive, with both clubs being accommodating to part-time students. Participating in clubs on campus has enriched my experience at LBS, and I look forward to attending future events as an alumna! Margarita Economides (MIFPT2016)


Yannick_Lakoue_Derant_smDespite the fact that it is already challenging to find the right balance between my professional life and academic requirements, I made the choice to get actively involved in the London Business School community and I became the treasurer of the Basketball Club. Being part of the clubs and the wider student community provide the opportunity to get to know your peers who share similar interests to you. I have a very tight schedule but I still find the time at least once a week to practice the game, basketball that has given so much to me in terms of mental agility, competitive drive and teamwork skills. Beyond the teamwork appeal, having the opportunity to combine my finance background to be part of the leadership team to organise the life of our club members further attracted me.

During my first year, I restricted myself to one single active mandate by being the treasurer of the Basketball club. However, I was also member of several clubs including the Africa Club, the Emerging Markets, the Investment Management and the PEVC club; striving to attend conferences and panel discussions when possible.

The clubs do a good job in terms of the exposure and the diversity of events they offer to the whole student body and I am fully aware of the constraints you face when balancing the interest of all stakeholders (or the majority). Even for me living in London, it has been impossible to be more involved in the community and attend the events during the day. I think that there is more we can do to increase part-time and commuters participation, with timing or technology adjustments as potential solutions to consider.”  Yannick Lakoue Derant (MIFPT2016)