MiM2014 – Let the Journey Begin

Written by Jamie Wright

A very warm hello to everyone out there in the blogosphere! Before getting into my first post I’d like to introduce myself to you. My name is Jamie Wright and I am the Senior Recruitment and Admissions Manager for the Masters in Management. I’ve been with programme since the first class joined in September 2009 and have had the delight of witnessing four incredibly talented, ambitious and successful classes enter and graduate from the programme. During that time I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting with many of you beyond London at events in locations including the United States, France, Russia, Germany, Canada, Turkey, Italy, and Hong Kong, and hope to see those of you India during our trip in November.

As you follow our Admissions Blog you will find (we hope!) informative information that will support your journey as an applicant. But what happens once you submit your application, attend your interview, receive and accept your offer? You then join a 36,000 strong community of motivated, high achieving individuals who aim to have a profound impact on the way the world does business. But before you graduate from the School to leave your mark in the business world you will first enter into a journey, a journey that will make you consider who you are, what is important to you, what you want to achieve and how you will achieve this. And this journey begins with Orientation.

Two weeks ago on Thursday 6th September, the Masters in Management Class of 2014 began their London Business School journey with Orientation in London’s City Hall. This is the first year we have hosted Orientation off-campus, and let me tell you, it was spectacular! Set next to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, with Canary Wharf in sight, City Hall is a perfect representation of what London is all about; the juxtaposition of the old against the new, the historic against the innovative.

City Hall

Before going into what Orientation is like for the students I’d like to briefly tell you why Orientation is so important to me. Working in admissions we speak with, review and interview hundreds and hundreds of prospective students and applicants each year. One of the greatest joys for me working in this role is getting to see the journey of an applicant, and eventually student and then alumni. We know that you work extremely hard to achieve your dream of studying at LBS, and it’s such a thrill when we are able to see this dream become a reality. Being able to put faces to names when students arrive on that first day makes everything we do worth it, and working with the recently joined Class of 2014 has been, as ever, rewarding, and it was a true pleasure to be able to officially welcome them to community last week.

So on to Orientation. The day kicked-off with an introduction to the School by our Dean Sir Andrew Likierman, which was followed by keynote speaker Dame Amelia Fawcett. Dame Amelia, Chairman of the Hedge Fund Standards Board in London and Non-Executive Chairman of the Guardian Media Group plc., discussed the importance of principles in guiding your professional and personal lives, and how to commitment to these principles when trying to innovate and transform not just your career, but also yourself. These are ideas that students will be asked to explore not only as they begin to define what their careers will look like, but questions they will need to continue asking themselves as they look to develop over the course of their careers.

Dame Amelia Fawcett

The remainder of the day consisted of networking, learning about the Student Association, faculty perspectives, and finally concluded with a MiM2013 alumni panel, where members of our recently graduated class discussed the realities of being a MiM – how to balance the school life versus personal life, how to reach out to those alumni who work at your dream company, how to survive Financial Accounting, and ultimately how to get out of the programme and School what you want.

City Hall Networking

And now the rigorous journey begins. A journey that will see students engaging in 10 modules, careers support, Global Immersion Field Trips, job applications, student treks, networking events, and personal development planning. The next nine months will be challenging and will require you to push yourself in ways you haven’t before. But most of all the next nine months will be rewarding. We often hear students tell us how the MiM is a transformational experience, on not just a professional, but also personal level. A one year programme may not seem like a great amount of time to transform who you are, and we don’t ask you to do this. This will come naturally as you discover your strengths and how you can apply these in your professional and personal lives. Ultimately the MiM will be what you make of it, and you will absolutely get out of it as much as you put in.

So, my question to you is: do you want to take this challenge? Do you see yourself sitting in City Hall next September? If so please get in touch with us today to discuss whether this is the right journey for you. We certainly hope that it will be.

  • Tannima Makin

    Hello Jamie,
    thank you for this post.
    I wanted to know, when are you planning to visit India, and will you be visiting Delhi?
    I would certainly like to meet you and your team.

    • Jamie Wright

      Hi Tannima,

      Thank you for your query. I will visiting Mumbai only on the November visit in particular, however, once our next trip to Delhi is coordinated we will update the events section of our website. In the meantime we hold monthly online information sessions and would invite you to attend as this will provide a great opportunity to “meet” the Admissions Team and Student Ambassadors. We hope to see you at an online session soon.

      Kind regards,

  • Chia-Yun

    Hi Jamie,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences in this blog, they were inspiring and made me want to be part of this program even more than I already do. I just graduated from National Taiwan University and work at a government agency that promotes foreign trade in Taiwan, and I’m currently putting together my application to apply for the LBS MiM program.

    The official website indicates that applicants who live near China could submit their applications before 10/14 to be considered for the 1st round of interview in East Asia, my questions is: will the interviews only be held in Shanghai? Or is it possible that the admission team might also pay a visit to Taipei?

    Thank you!


    • Jamie Wright

      Hi Chia-Yun,

      Thank you for your message, I’m pleased to hear that you have found the post informative and that you are preparing your application. Currently we do not have plans to visit Taipei for interviews but should candidates outside of Shanghai be asked to travel, we will ensure we provide notification as early as possible to support with travel arrangements.

      In the meantime if you have any questions about the application or admissions process please do not hesitate to say in touch.

      We will look forward to receiving your application for MiM2015.

      Kind regards,

  • Aditya Nahata

    Hello Maam,
    I am looking up at applying for the MiM Class of 2015. I have sent an email at mim@london.edu with regards to the GMAT requirements around 5 days back. Is this the correct place to reach the admissions committee.If yes,By when can I expect to hear about the same ?
    Warm Regards,

    • Jamie Wright

      Hi Adiyta,

      I do apologise for the delayed response. The email address you note – mim@london.edu – is the correct email to send any programme or application questions to. However, if you do have any questions that you would like to post to the blog community please do not hesitate to address them here.

      Kind regards,

  • Swamini Shah

    Hi Jamie,

    Thank you for sharing your very helpful insights on this blog. I am definitely going to benefit from them.

    I wanted to know more about the monthly online information sessions that you mentioned in the above post. I would love to be a part of it as getting into the MiM program at LBS means everything to me at this point of my life. Also kindly keep us posted with the dates of your visit to India this November. Looking forward to meet the LBS admission team in Mumbai.

    Thank you.

    Swamini Shah.

    • Jamie Wright

      Hi Swamini,

      I’m pleased to hear that you have found the Orientation post beneficial. I will be attending the British Council fair in Mumbai on the 26th November and would be pleased to meet with you there. Alternatively we also host online information sessions, if you are not available to meet in person. Full details on our events schedule can be found on our website at: http://www.london.edu/programmes/msc/informationevents.html.

      We hope to see you at an upcoming event.

      Kind regards,

  • Jamie Wright

    Hi Resume Templates,

    Thank you for checking out the blog, we look forward to keeping in touch with future posts!

    Kind regards,