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Can you believe the MiM, GMiM and MFA students are already getting started at their second term at LBS? Time really does fly here on campus! Nevertheless, the end of Term One presents the perfect opportunity to look back and celebrate a few highlights from the term…

At the start of September, 321 fresh-faced Masters in Management, Global MiM and Masters in Financial Analysis students arrived at London Business School for the first day of Orientation, with the second day continuing at East Wintergarden in Canary Wharf. The students discovered more about the programme and the School through engaging presentations from speakers such as Lord Bilimoria (the chairman of Cobra Beer) and key faculty members such as Marketing Professor, Bruce Hardie and Finance Professor, Alex Edmans. MiM alumni made up a lively panel in the afternoon, sharing stories of their experiences and career journeys since graduation.


A few days later, the students ventured off-campus to brave the great outdoors at Gilwell Park Activity Centre for their Away Day. The day focused on team building and problem-solving with practical activities such as raft-building and climbing. Collaboration, courage, hard work and dedication were traits that were particularly vital here!


EC_Term_1_highlights_V2 EC_Term_1_highlights_06

After Orientation, Foundations Week began. This included the Career Skills programme run by the Career Centre, alongside worships such as “How to Work a Room”, Business Writing, Bloomberg Skills and Excel. The learning of additional soft skills continued throughout the rest of term with additional workshops such as Business Etiquette, Impact and Influence and Financial Industry Tools sessions for the MFA (such as Morningstar, Matlab and Factset).

Core courses began after an action-packed start to the year, with the MiM and Global MiM studying Finance, Leadership in Organisations, Data Analytics for Management and Financial Accounting. Meanwhile, the MFA students covered Asset Management I, World Economy, Analysis and Financial Statements, Corporate Finance, and Data and Time Series Analytics.

The Mentoring Scheme kicked off at the end of September where students were matched with their MBA and Masters in Finance mentors, allowing students to foster meaningful relationships with more experienced professionals in our community. We went live on our Snapchat account for the #LBSMeetYourMentor evening event.

Throughout the term, our students got involved with so many activities across the student clubs. MFA students from the Impact Consulting Club volunteered for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and MiMs and MFAs took their place on the dance floor, representing their programme at the annual Diwali Party.

EC_Term_1_highlights_07 EC_Term_1_highlights_08

In early December, 62 Early Career students travelled to Silicon Valley for the Global Immersion Field Trip (GIFT). They were welcomed by companies such as Pinterest, Electronic Arts, Google, Apple, Softtech and Singularity University. This GIFT allowed students to better understand the environment which fosters such significant levels of innovation through visits to some of the best known brands in San Francisco and the Bay Area as well as smaller and mid-stage start-ups, investors, incubators, and thought leaders. You can catch more information on our student blog here



So that concludes a short overview of the first term. The students have plenty coming up for Term Two, including Business Immersion Week and Global Immersion Field Trips to Milan & Munich, Paris, Barcelona and New York! You can follow us on our Facebook page for further programme insights.

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On top of all the experience you bring to the classroom via debates and group assignments, you also have a unique opportunity to shape a large part of your time at London Business School by joining a student club and organising engaging events and initiatives. The purposes of these events vary depending on the Club and its objectives, however generally they are designed to;

  • Help students learn more about a particular sector, geographical area or topic.
  • Provide networking opportunities across all programmes, with Alumni and also with other professionals working in London.
  • Enable the students organising these events to practice valuable leadership skills whilst also contributing to the School community.

There is a fantastic range of activities that happen at the school on a regular basis; last year alone (2015/2016) we had 505 guest speakers at student-led events. The events below give you a taste of the quality and variety of events held at the school.  These all occurred during the first term of the 2016/17 academic year.

1. IMPACTathon ( Impact Consulting Club) Now in its second year the IMPACTathon is an innovative take on the Hackathon format; instead of building a new business over a weekend, students help real life social entrepreneurs to develop a particular aspect of their business. This is a fairly small event with only 48 students participating but it is extremely rewarding for them to work with real businesses that are truly trying to make a difference in society. Students are able to utilise their years of experience as well as putting into action the theories they learn in the classroom. The impact this event has on the social enterprises and how they operate is invaluable.


The winning team from the 2nd annual IMPACTathon – The Helpful Clinic

2. Global Energy Summit (Energy Club) The 13th Global energy Summit looked at ‘Where are the opportunities in Energy? The event was sponsored by The Boston Consulting Group as well as ATKearney and took place at Hilton London Tower Bridge. The impressive line-up of speakers included experienced professionals from companies such as Statoil, Petrobras and EDF.  One of the speakers was current LBS Sloan Fellow Ghassan Mirdad who has over 20 years of experience with Schlumberger. The conference is always a great opportunity to connect with professionals working in London. Non-LBS attendees at the event represented companies such as Shell, Bloomberg and Infosys. sa_dec2016_02

 Enthusiastic participants at the 13th   Global Energy Summit

3. Diwali Party (India Club) One of the biggest parties of the year with over 700 guests, this annual celebration to mark the Hindu festival of lights has achieved legendary status amongst LBS students past and present. The LBS India Club brought everyone together in kurtas and sarees, with an ample supply of delicious food for a night of celebration. The centre piece of the evening as always was the eagerly contested Inter-stream Bollywood dance-off. The MBA2018 Stream D Team came out on top as overall winners with a well-choreographed routine. sa_dec2016_03

LBS Students performing at the 2016 Diwali Party

4. EurOUT (Out in Business Club) EurOUT is one of the schools most highly rated events and Europe’s leading LGBT conference for graduate students, MBAs, PhDs and alumni from top business schools. The team did not disappoint in November 2016, they brought together an impressive line-up of speakers including Xavier Bettel (the Prime Minister of Luxembourg).  The conference also received some excellent media coverage with articles in The TelegraphGayStarNews and Vogue Mexico. You can also check out some of the reactions from speakers and attendees of the event via the event hashtag:  #EurOUT2016 sa_dec2016_04

Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel addressing The EurOUT 2016 Conference

5. Global Healthcare Club Conference (Healthcare Club) The theme for this 8th edition of the annual Global Healthcare Club Conference was “Precision Medicine: The Future of Medical Care” and covered cutting edge topics such as ‘How is the UK preparing itself to lead the precision medicine industry?’  and “How are genomics and digital advancement changing the landscape of precision medicine?” It was a highly engaging event with expert speakers and a great example of a niche area where students were able to increase their knowledge by attending an event organised by their peers. sa_dec2016_05

Sir Andrew Likierman Dean of London Business School with Helene Kadjar MBA2017 Student & Co-Chair of the Global Healthcare Club Conference 2016

6. LBS Hackathon (Entrepreneurship Club) Now in its 3rd successful year, the LBS Hackathon has firmly established itself as part of the School’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. Merchant Bot took home the 1st place with a slight edge over Skilltree who came second (big shout out). On the FinTech front, Team Bonsai did an impressive prototype aiming to eliminate bond issuance process from the large investment banks – however Merx won over the judges with higher scores in market validation. Praise from this year’s participants included: “Really can’t imagine a more personal and professional development-oriented 48 hours than what LBS Hackathon offered” and  “The organisation of the event was absolutely fantastic in enabling all participants to fully enjoy both the useful social interactions with new and talented people and the exciting and spirited competition”  sa_dec2016_06

LBS Hackathon participants receiving a briefing from the student organisers

For more information or to attend one of these events please visit the School’s Student-led Conferences page, which has details of all the upcoming events open to the general public.

If any of you who are international students or potential students, thinking about or worrying about getting jobs after your studies I thought that this little post about visa options might help.

I know that 2016 has been a significant year of change especially for international students in the UK. It is not all bad news though.

The UK government’s immigration policies are supportive of graduates of UK business schools and universities and most importantly the UK Government is committed to helping the brightest and the best make a contribution to the British economy which of course is great for graduates of London Business School (LBS) as you are just that.

There are lots of options available to international students who want to stay and work in the UK after their studies although not as flexible as in the past.

Below are the three most common visa schemes available to international students: Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 5.

There are many more which I will try to post about in more detail throughout next year, but for now take a look at these:

Tier 2 (General)

Overview:  This is the main immigration route to work in the UK. The visa is linked to a specific job and employer.

Is Sponsorship required?  Yes, from the Tier 2 licensed employer.

What is the Maximum duration of stay permitted?  5 years.

Can I switch from Tier 4 inside the UK?  Yes, and there are benefits of doing so. As a recent UK graduate on a Tier 4 visa, you qualify for an exemption from the Resident Labour Market Test. This makes things much easier for Employers to sponsor our alumni on a Tier 2 visa and offer them post-study job opportunities.

What do I need to qualify for this visa type? Sponsorship is in the form of a COS from a Tier 2 licensed employer. The job needs to meet various requirements including a minimum salary.

Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur)

Overview:  London Business School endorses up to 20 Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visas each year. This visa is aimed at students who complete their degree in the UK and wish to stay to develop a business plan or entrepreneurial idea.

Is Sponsorship required?  No, but there must be an endorsement from LBS.

What is the Maximum duration of stay permitted?  12 months with the possibility of renewal for a further 12 months.

Can I switch from Tier 4 inside the UK?  Yes, and you will also be able to switch to Tier 2 from this category if you find a sponsor later down the line.

What do I need to qualify for this visa type?  Your final transcript following completion of your course, endorsement letter from LBS and maintenance requirements.

Tier 5 Youth Mobility

Overview:  For individuals of certain nationalities including Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and New Zealand aged between 18-30.

Is Sponsorship required?  Yes but only for certain countries.

What is the Maximum duration of stay permitted?  24 months

Can I switch from Tier 4 inside the UK?  No, unfortunately you can’t, you will need to make the application from back home.

What do I need to qualify for this visa type? A certificate of sponsorship is required for nationals of Hong Kong, the Republic of Korea and Taiwan. Other requirements include maintenance.


Below are some very good links that have much more information and helpful advice.

I hope this has made anyone who was worried about the limited options for working feel a bit better about the visa  that are out there for you.

Please contact me via email visas@london.edu with any further questions you may have.


The Faculty and Teaching

A major strength of London Business School (LBS) is its Finance faculty with their wide range of financial backgrounds. They are consultants to leading banks, associate editors of prestigious academic journals and board members of advisory boards for international finance organisations. As a student of the School, you will be put at the centre of global finance. You will gain access to the latest finance research and techniques, master a wide range of financial tools and fill crucial gaps in your knowledge with the Masters in Finance.

The Class Room Experience

Class visits offer a unique insight into the strength of London Business School’s faculty and teaching. I had the pleasure of sitting in class on 29 October to witness the learning experience. Dr Chris Higson, Associate Professor of Accounting Practice delivered the seminar that looked at a case study of Body Shop. Students analysed financial information on the company’s past performance and had to draw inferences about its future prospects.

From my experience it was great to see so many talented individuals sharing their financial knowledge and even question the analysis methods that were shown in class. The class encouraged students to share their findings and how they came to their inferences. I was really impressed with the diverse discussions within the class room as students worked together to present their findings, a truly communal atmosphere.

Is the Masters in Finance Right for you?

Class visits are a great way to meet informally with current MiF students. Students will have similar financial backgrounds so discussing the programme in detail can prove extremely useful. There will be a member of the Admissions Team present on the day so it’s a great opportunity to discuss the entry requirements of the programme and to ask any burning questions.

Financial Accounting & Analysis – What does it cover?

Financial Accounting & Analysis is one of the core courses featured on the MiF and it looks at the ability to use financial information in various decision-making settings. You will analyse financial information and judge a firm’s prospects based on performance, patterns in their financial statements, profit drivers, assets and obligations. On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • use financial information in various decision-making settings
  • develop the skills and techniques necessary to analyse financial information and to draw inferences about a firm’s past performance and future prospects
  • read and analyse a company’s financial statements, to measure company profitability and identify the drivers of profitability, and to assess the adequacy of the company’s assets to meet its obligations
  • understand the main sources of reporting choices and creativity in accounting practice, and to know how to control for this when analysing, valuing and comparing several firms.


Come Join Us!

Come and take part in a class. We have eight Saturday dates when you can join the part-time MiF Investments or Corporate Finance core course either in the morning (09.00-11.45) or in the afternoon (12.45-15.30):


21 January*

4 February*

18 February

4 March*

Corporate Finance

6 May*

20 May

3 June

17 June*

* includes the option to join the class for lunch

Places are limited so if you would like to take part please contact mif@london.edu as soon as possible. To find out more about other upcoming events, please see our MiF information events page.




At London Business School we pride ourselves on being a truly global institution and the Masters in Finance (MiF) programme is no exception. The makeup of the class is very diverse with 52 different nationalities in the current class. The MiF offers some unique global opportunities such as full term exchanges, block week exchanges and the Global Business Experience (GBE) to Boston and New York.

The Global Business Experience gives students first-hand exposure to the asset management industry and the new challenges facing the industry in light of the recent economic developments and regulations.


‘It was a fantastic eye-widening experience I got from the Global Business Experience trip. It gave us opportunities to learn industry knowledge and trends as well as to discuss various issues with leading asset management companies and world renowned economists. My clients were amazed when I shared notes of what I heard in the US with them. GBE is definitely a must-go if you’re trying to get hands-on knowledge about the asset management business.’  Zhen Zhang, MIFPT2016

‘The trip was packed full of company visits, lectures, and guest speakers all set in the stunning locations of Boston and New York. Company visits included Numeric Investors, AQR, General Atlantic and Norm Champ where students heard from Norm Champ himself!  We visited Harvard and MIT where we heard from renowned faculty.’ Bryony Murdoch, MiF Senior Programme Manager


Last year’s GBE was led by Francisco Gomes, Professor of Finance and Richard Portes, Professor of Economics. The objective of the trip was to give students first-hand exposure to the asset management industry. They analysed the new challenges facing the industry in light of recent economic developments and regulatory changes.

‘I was most inspired by Professor Andrew Lo’s talk on how financial engineering can cure cancer. It was so interesting to hear how we can apply finance in a healthcare context to create an innovative way to raise funds for cancer drug development. The week was also a fantastic way to meet people at LBS from both the MiF and MBA programmes. It was one of the highlights of the MiF programme so far’ Margarita Economides, MiFPT2016

‘The trip also included some social activities including the all American experience – a baseball game and an exclusive boat trip taking in the sights of New York at sunset. A beautifully perfect ending to a phenomenal trip’. Bryony Murdoch, MiF Senior Programme Manager


If you are looking to gain more global exposure then the GBEs offered at London Business School are perfect ways to immerse yourself in an international business environment.  GBEs provide opportunities for you to build on your academic frameworks and to test your knowledge in dynamic financial markets.

Over the last three months, not a day has gone by without a new article mentioning all the different changes business schools are making to their admissions processes. With many collective years selection experience in the London Business School MBA Admissions  Committee, we have seen a lot of changes and trends come and go. The recent trend of schools reducing their application essay requirement looks here to stay. We have dropped an essay and now require just one.

I have quite firm views on what I want us to learn from an application and therefore what questions we should ask candidates. We carefully consider how all the different elements fit together in to our overall admissions process.

A top MBA is a career and indeed life-changing experience. So for us, a question about aspirations is key – even if, by the transformative nature of an MBA, those aspirations will change during your studies.

If I am honest, I am less keen on the quirkier questions I have seen some schools use.

The application form and essays are a great introduction to you, offering information on your life and career so far and a little on your hopes and dreams. But the real story-telling opportunity in the LBS process comes with the alumni interview. Every successful applicant has an alumni interview, but not all applicants are selected for interview and not all interviewees are successful. We gain a HUGE amount from the interview process and love having our alumni conduct them, so that you can learn a huge amount about life at LBS too!

We don’t stand still – we are a business school and innovation is vital. It’s in our DNA. So this year we are introducing a video submission element for all candidates who reach the interview stage. This was not a decision we took lightly. We’ve been considering making this introduction for a couple of years. We piloted the process last year with a few candidates, to help us assess English language skills.  But this year we are going all-out and using the videos to help us learn a lot more about you.

I want to take this opportunity to reassure all interviewees that we are being very thoughtful about how we use this exciting new addition to our process. The team have carefully considered what our expectations are and the limitations of the new addition. We recognise that we need to consider cultural differences, as we do with everything, because we have such an international community. Some people will feel a lot more comfortable than others filming  themselves answering questions. And some professional backgrounds train you to carry out such activities. We are NOT looking to use this as a tool to disqualify candidates or ‘catch you out’. Quite the opposite – it is another opportunity to shine and help us get to know you. Don’t even worry (too much) if you don’t time your answers perfectly – we won’t deduct points. We just want to see how you perform on both the prepared question and the unprepared section. We love meeting candidates at events, but it’s not possible to meet you all, so this helps us see you in action.

We have really enjoyed watching the first few submissions. Alongside the application, GMAT / GRE and alumni interview, we have a lot of data points to consider. We believe that we are very well equipped to make the big admissions decisions and honestly think we have one of the most thorough admissions processes in the MBA world. And hopefully one of the most challenging but enjoyable for applicants!

The LBS MBA is a highly collaborative programme, requiring huge levels of contribution from all students. Everyone has to add something. So every admit decision we make is huge for us. We care passionately about who makes it through to the final class.  We want to recruit the 430 candidates who best fit our amazing, collaborative, global community.

We are excited about getting to know you better – and through the supporting materials included with the video software, you can learn more about us too.

If you have just completed the video submission, well done. If you are about to record it, good luck. And if you have yet to apply yet…what’s stopping you?

Apply now

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We are pleased to announce that our Masters in Management (MiM) programme has been ranked sixth in the recent Financial Times ranking for the second year running. The programme remains number one in the UK.

We are delighted that the programme achieved a top position for ‘aims achieved’, with 93 per cent of alumni satisfied.

London Business School is ranked number one in the world for its international student body, with international students accounting for 98 per cent of the MiM class of 2015.

Leila Guerra, Executive Director, Early Career Programmes, said: “Our global diversity is extremely attractive. Our students gain a lot from the rich peer mix and a life-long, cross-generational, network of alumni worldwide. The ranking results today are a testament to this and to the exciting careers that our graduates go on to lead.” 

The average salary reported by London Business School’s 2013 MiM students was $80,526 three years after graduation, an increase of more than 9 per cent since the first ranking two years ago. 96 per cent of the class were employed within three months of graduation, based on a 98% reporting rate; one of the highest among the schools ranked.

Find more information about the programme and how to apply here.View the full Financial Times MiM ranking here.



Sitting in on a class is the best way to experience the quality of our faculty and the classroom experience and to meet informally with current Masters in Finance (MiF) students.  During October and November 2016 we offer four Saturday dates when you can join the part-time MiF Financial Accounting and Analysis core course (taught by Chris Higson) either in the morning (09.00-11.45) or in the afternoon (12.45-15.30):

1 October

15 October

29 October*

12 November*

* includes the option to join the class for lunch

Places are limited so if you would like to take part please contact mif@london.edu as soon as possible.  These visits are open to people considering the full-time and part-time MiF.

We will announce similar opportunities for 2017 later.


The Masters in Finance (MiF) 2016 intake began their Orientation Week on Monday 15 August with a packed day of activities at the prestigious Banking Hall opposite the Bank of England. The students arrived extremely motivated and excited to begin their LBS journey.

After a welcome from the School’s Dean and the MiF Programme Director, the Programme Team briefed the students on what they can expect during the course of their studies. Guest speakers Joseph Liu and Ben Hardy spoke on building personal brands and how students can make the most of their studies.

The students participated in a highly interactive icebreaker called the ‘Trading Game.’
we got energetic introductions to our classmates during a trading game, which had us running around the hall for nearly an hour!” (John Stone MiF PT2018).

Students had the opportunity to showcase their finance talents by trading information, money and other (virtual) valuables with the other teams. Despite some rather suspect trading, the game proved a huge success!

The day was capped off with a drinks reception. All in all it was a most enjoyable day and a great way for the students to start their studies.
“Introduction day highlighted that MiF LBS students represent 52 countries. When the Programme Director started the aircraft engine in an imaginary round the world tour to demonstrate all our origins, I could not be prouder to represent Malaysia. The pride was almost like bearing the Malaysian flag at the Olympics when Brandon and I stood up.” (Zehan Mohamed Saleh MiF FT2017)

For the rest of the week they were in class focusing on ‘Personal Assessment and Development’. The full-time students started ‘Preparatory Accounting Class’ and were introduced to the Career Centre.
“Career Centre sessions through the week were serious business; getting the CV ready as recruiters are coming on campus as soon as next month and being part of LBS, means we will get ahead of the pack.”  (Zehan Mohamed Saleh MiF FT2017)

The part-time students also had an intensive week of teaching with ‘Data Analytics for Finance’ course being the main focus in the classroom. Not to disappoint those of us looking to improve our quant skills during the MIF, the remainder of the week featured an intensive crash course on Data Analysis and Statistics.” (John Stone MiF PT2018)

After a full week of studies the MiF students were treated to an early start on Saturday morning with an action packed day at Gilwell Park. Despite the day starting off very wet, it didn’t dampen the spirits of the new class. Raft building, rock climbing and trapeze jumping were just a few of the activities that the MiF students took part in, with some conquering their biggest fears!

The Away Day also proved extremely useful in terms of the study groups getting to know one another, as the activities required lots of communication and teamwork. The weather improved in the afternoon and we eventually got some much needed sunshine. To finish the whole week off the students were treated to a BBQ and some well-earned drinks!

“Orientation week ended exactly how I thought it’d be and more. It truly summed up the LBS brand, the exact reason why I chose to come here – for its diversity and strong network within the finance industry.” (Zehan Mohamed Saleh MiF FT2017)

I had tremendous fun participating in many of the activities with the students. I really enjoyed meeting the new class and admired their determination to make the day a huge success. Feedback from the students was extremely positive and I’m looking forward to seeing them succeed on their Masters in Finance journey.

“Overall the class had a great first week and we are all looking forward to what is on the menu for the rest of the year!” (John Stone MiF PT2018)




Applications for the Masters in Financial Analysis (MFA), the Masters in Management (MIM) and the Global Masters in Management (GMIM) starting in September 2017 are now open.

To make the process as smooth as possible, we have put together an application checklist for you to use. In order to submit a complete application, please make sure you submit the following:

  • Online application form
  • GMAT/GRE /(CFA Level 1 certificate – only applies to MFA candidates)/
  • English language certification copy (if required)
  • Essay questions
  •  Two references
  • Scanned copies of academic transcripts (MFA applicants must have studied a numerate undergraduate degree)
  • Application fee: GBP£90
  • KIRA Talent admissions video for GMIM applicants only (a new feature of the GMIM application)

We run a rolling admissions process so you can apply at any point in the cycle once you feel your application is ready and complete. We also provide recommended deadlines through the cycle so applicants can focus their efforts towards a specific date.

Once you have submitted an application, you can expect to receive an initial interview decision within three weeks. If successful and following an interview, you will receive a final decision with six to eight weeks of your initial application date.


As you prepare your application to one of our three programmes, there are a few steps you can take to help strengthen your candidacy. As a first stage, we always recommend you submit a copy of your CV so that we can check and confirm your eligibility to apply to our programmes!Applicants to the Global MiM should apply no later than the 7th March. Chinese nationals will need to apply via Fudan University, please find details here.

Submit CV for MFA here

Submit CV for MiM here

Submit CV for GMiM here

Next, if you are planning on visiting London in the upcoming months, why not book in for a coffee chat or attend one our monthly information sessions on campus which is a great opportunity for you to meet with staff, current students and get a feel for campus life. If not, our will be running sessions across the word so please do check our events page for events near you!

Should you have any questions about our programmes, the application process or the School in general please do get in touch with the recruitment team at mfa@london.edu or mim@london.edu.

Best of luck with your application – we look forward to receiving it!

Camille Vironda