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I’m delighted to invite you to our exclusive Paris Faculty Master Class on Thursday 28 May. The event will be led by Dr Margaret Ormiston, Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour.


Set in groups of 4-5, you’ll take part in The Crocodile Exercise, facilitated by Dr Ormiston. The exercise will help to identify and highlight the difficulties of value diversity and how to get the most out of diverse teams.

19.00 – 19.15: Registration
19.15 – 20.30: Faculty lecture and Q&A
20.30 – 21.30: Drinks reception

Please be sure to register by Tuesday 26 May as spaces are limited. Reserve your place:  http://ow.ly/NhsOJ .

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Sloan Fellows are exceptional people, and our scholars represent the best in class. The generosity of our alumni enables us to support outstanding individuals who will truly enhance the class and benefit from the experience. The forthcoming Sloan MSc application deadline is Wednesday 27 May. Don’t miss your opportunity to join this exceptional programme and the possibility of being awarded one of our scholarships. Learn about all of our available scholarships and the application deadlines here.



“When I learned that I had been selected as the recipient of the Desmond Molins Charitable Trust scholarship I felt really honoured. Not only was this the first time that a Sloan student was awarded with this scholarship, but I was selected amongst many other incredible engineering professionals. Being a woman, mother of three and working in a tough and male dominated environment is not easy. After more than 14 years of experience developed mainly in the construction industry, receiving this recognition was very satisfying and I felt really grateful.

I knew how demanding and tough this masters was going to be when applying for the programme, as I would no longer be earning a regular income. I made up my mind about studying the Sloan MSc at LBS before receiving the scholarship. All the positive things this experience was going to give outweighed the difficulties I was going to face.

quote_Mila_Lopez_04Receiving the scholarship has helped enormously to ease those difficulties and it has also provided me with the opportunity to open more doors, to meet people through events organised for scholarship recipients. And more importantly receiving the scholarship has provided me with a greater sense of responsibility about the future of this great institution. People like me, who have been granted scholarships, are now more aware of the importance these opportunities have in attracting some of the best professionals in the world and the importance of demonstrating to our current and future donors that their efforts and generosity will have an impact in future generations and society.” Mila Lopez Simon, Sloan2015, awarded the Desmond Molins Charitable Trust Scholarship






“Having worked in the youth services non-profit sector for the last 11 years where compensation levels are so much lower than equivalent levels of responsibility in the for-profit sector, the most basic of answers is that the scholarship has alleviated some of the financial stress involved in relocating to London from abroad. The scholarship demonstrated the School’s commitment to advancing the education of “non-traditional” business students for students like myself whose professional passion is finding equilibrium between the financial and impact balance sheets of a business.

It would have been hard to have joined LBS without the scholarship, considering the exchange rates at the time and the cost of living in London versus the alternatives in the United States.


The scholarship has also enabled me to meet alumni and people in the community during scholarship events that I would have never met otherwise, and it has provided me with a compelling networking differentiator when talking with others about potential opportunities post-graduation.”Alex J Reed, Sloan2015, awarded the Philip Langsdale Scholarship






If you still have unanswered questions about the programme or your eligibility, we’d be delighted to discuss these with you. Please contact us at sloan@london.edu. We look forward to speaking to you.  

It’s easy to feel like a small fish in a big pond as a fresh graduate. The world is your oyster and with so many choices, it can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. For many young graduates, prospects for post-graduate employment is a primary focal point when choosing the right school to pursue a Masters in Management and naturally return on investment is important to everybody. So how can London Business School help you stand out from the crowd and get recruited by the end of your master’s degree?

London Business School is a leading world class institution that specialises in post graduate business education. Unsurprisingly, the campus community consist solely of high calibre individuals who have either had well-established global careers and are at the top of their game in their industry, or are highly eclectic students at the beginning of their very promising and bright careers. That means that every student you come in contact with will share a similar mind-set and enthusiasm as you, as well as having valuable insight and links into a diverse array of industries.

Every encounter can be a networking opportunity at London Business School and in business, exposure is essential. These key networking opportunities are abundant here because we are a specialised institution with a campus that doesn’t extend to undergraduate degree programmes, and sustains a more close-knit and focused environment. We consciously promote this networking advantage through a variety of carefully curated events such as our Business Immersion Week which our alumni attend and electives like Corporate Finance shared with all students across our programmes. It can make for a highly engaging and interesting debate when you are in a study group consisting of students from the MBA, Executive MBA and Sloan MSc, in addition to your MiM peers.

We are all about quality over quantity, so you may find that our Masters in Management programme may take on fewer students than some other institutions, however this ultimately means that you become a bigger fish in a smaller pool. We particularly pride ourselves on the diversity of our pool, as each year we bring in not only individuals from traditional business backgrounds, but also the arts, healthcare and technology, allowing each individual to stand out even more within the class. We welcome those who would like to be a part of an institution that is consistently able to make an impact on the world of global business and can work with our Career Centre and Programme Management Team to make sure they are best equipped for this task.

Our dedicated Career Centre team work with our MiMs throughout the year to ensure they are well prepared for the job market post-graduation in a variety of ways. They consistently bring in recruiters from both established and up and coming companies like; Amazon, Boston Consulting, JP Morgan, IBM, Google, Big Society Capital and Shared Impact who select from our excellent cohort, to ensure they have a healthy job opportunity waiting for them on the other end of graduation. The Programme Management Team place our MiMs into Personal Development workshops to help them refine their critical and soft skills in order to ensure they are well rounded and well prepared to meet the needs of the companies they will be recruited for.

For more information on how you can be a part of the upcoming intake, please see How to Apply and for further information about career impact on the MiM, please click here.

As GMAT is one of the predominant requirements to the application for our degree programmes, we hosted a GMAT Master Class at our London campus on Saturday 28th March which turned out to be a huge success.

Prospective applicants to our Masters in Finance and MBA programmes were invited to an invaluable GMAT workshop run by leading test prep provider Manhattan Prep to help boost their confidence in their upcoming test.

It was an enlightening event where the candidates tried their hands at answering various GMAT test questions under the exceptional guidance and dynamic delivery by tutor Kevin Shen. The attendees had a good time learning useful, practical techniques to apply to their upcoming GMAT tests and meeting with fellow candidates over a delightful lunch and networking session.

All in all, an enjoyable time was had by all!




If you are thinking of applying to our part-time Masters in Finance 2015 intake – please do not delay as we are still accepting applications.

The upcoming deadlines are:

  • 26th May
  • 16th June

Quick reminder of what we need from you:

  • Academic transcript
  • One-page CV
  • Two formal references
  • English language test (if English is not your native tongue)
  • £110 application fee

And, of course:

  • Your GMAT test score (a good score to aim towards is 680. GRE is also accepted)

We review applications on a rolling basis therefore apply as early as you can.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any specific questions regarding the application process – I’d be glad to help!

Email: mif@london.edu

Direct Line: 020 7000 7505

I look forward to hearing from you.

We are extremely proud to announce that we welcomed our highest intake of female students on our EMBA Dubai programme, January 2015 intake.

28% of the 61 students were female with almost a quarter with a UAE nationality.  They all have a proven professional and academic track record and are tremendously engaged within their own respective industries. Many have chosen to do an Executive MBA to accelerate their existing career, or develop beyond their technical specialism into a general management or leadership role.

The rising interest in entrepreneurship and start-ups is making London Business School the ideal place to study. Our Entrepreneurship Summer School elective enables students to test their feasibility of a new business opportunity using field-based research.

Last year London Business School launched a new mentor scheme in Dubai. Dubai-based students and alumni who are interested in entrepreneurship now have year-round access to four entrepreneurs from the region. Our mentors are the sounding boards for new ideas and also provide assistance in helping students to overcome obstacles-as well as giving them invaluable help to build up their contacts.

The Executive MBA scholarship for women is aimed specifically to female candidates in the region. With more than 2,000 members including alumni, students from all programmes and faculty, the Women in Business Club (WIB) at London Business School strives to celebrate and advance women’s leadership in business. The annual flagship event, The Women in Business Conference was held in March around the theme ‘Redefining Success’.

The next intake for the Executive MBA London and Dubai programme is September 2015. The upcoming application deadlines are:

  • 5th May
  • 1st June
  • 29th June

With any questions you may have regarding the programme or the application, feel free to contact me via emba@london.edu.

Hi everyone!

Just a brief introduction, my name is Cindy Li – Recruitment Coordinator for our Masters in Finance (MiF) programmes. My job is to guide prospective candidates through the application process; answering any questions along the way.

I am very pleased to announce that LinkedIn recently ranked London Business School as the best graduate university in the UK for finance professionals. For the last 4 consecutive years, our MiF has also been ranked as the No.1 post-experience Masters in the world by the Financial Times.

You’re probably reading this blog post because you are currently at the researching stage – deciding which business school or programme to apply.

London Business School’s MiF is designed for finance professionals wishing to accelerate their career. If you are looking for a programme to deepen your existing financial knowledge and to expand your professional network, you should look no further.

With deadlines fast-approaching, I am here to help you find out whether our MiF is a good fit for you and to answer all your questions about the programme.

The upcoming deadlines are as follows:

Part-time MiF: 7th April 2015

Full-time MiF: 5th May 2015

If you are thinking about your options, don’t delay – get in touch. We also provide a CV review service. Send over your CV to receive some feedback on your eligibility at mif@london.edu.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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On joining the EMBA-Global Asia programme, you’ll be assigned to a study group of four to six people, who will no doubt become lifelong friends. Our students tell us this is one of the most valuable parts of the overall learning experience.

It can be challenging to work in multicultural teams, but it’s an essential management skill that’s highly valued by employers. Each study group is made up of individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds – each with different strengths. You’ll find your study group is invaluable in supporting you through the demands of the programme.

Below is a study group from the current EMBA-Global Asia class.






Hi everyone,

You can follow a transcript of today’s LGBT at LBS webinar at http://ow.ly/Kuilm.


On joining the EMBA-Global Americas and Europe programme, you’ll be assigned to a study group of four to six people, who will no doubt become lifelong friends. Our students tell us this is one of the most valuable parts of the overall learning experience.

It can be challenging to work in multicultural teams, but it’s an essential management skill that’s highly valued by employers. Each study group is made up of individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds – each with different strengths. You’ll find your study group is invaluable in supporting you through the demands of the programme. Below is a study group from the current EMBA-Global Americas and Europe class.

We are still accepting applications for the May 2015 intake. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions you may have: embaglobal@london.edu.

embaglobal_studygroup_sergeypuntus embaglobal_studygroup_antonventer embaglobal_studygroup_atokasymov embaglobal_studygroup_akanshaarya embaglobal_studygroup_jayvarkey

The GMAT and GRE tests can sometimes seem daunting, particularly when you’ve been out of education for a long time.

As one of the only schools in the UK to still have a mandatory GMAT requirement for the programme, we are able to accurately measure the current academic ability of our students. We also use scores to help us form study groups consisting of students that complement each other’s current capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

GMAT and GRE tests also show immense commitment and motivation from the candidates, who are dedicated individuals and willing to go the extra mile to ensure their place on the programme. This is definitely reflected in the quality of the classroom from the feedback we receive from participants and faculty.

” The GMAT takes a fair amount of effort for most students, refreshing their numeracy and literacy skills. However, students will be using these skills during their time at the school, so having taken the trouble to prepare for the GMAT ensures that, when you start your MBA, you land running and can get more value out of your time on the course. This is part of what makes an MBA from LBS different from other schools. “  

Richard Jolly, Adjunct Professor of Organisational Behaviour

There is no minimum score to be considered for the EMBA-Global programme as we look at your application holistically, but we would encourage scores of 600+. If you are concerned that you have achieved a lower score than expected, we’d be happy to discuss this with you.

Our candidates tend to be busy individuals, and we understand the GMAT/GRE test prep can sometimes prove difficult to fit into your schedule. If the time constraint is a concerning issue for you, many of our past participants have hired a GMAT personal tutor or done intensive prep sessions at specialised prep schools, so it is possible to sit the test in a much shorter amount of time.

We are now in the final “fast track” phase of accepting applications for the May 2015 intake.  Candidates who apply will be considered on a case by case basis. During the month of March 2015, you will learn if you have been shortlisted within 5-10 business days. We are always interested in hearing from motivated students, and are planning the final interview and offer schedule in April.

If you want to be considered for this intake, please let us know by contacting us now.

Final decisions are contingent upon interviews, which will be scheduled in March and early April. 

Your GMAT or GRE test must be booked prior to your application submission. We will prioritise completed applications, and will review and shortlist the strongest applications pre-test.  We advise you book the test before April 5th Applications must be complete before an offer can be made.

As you begin discussing your development plans with your employer, be sure to read our advice on Creating a Business Case. This document will help you build a case for your employer’s support, either financial or time away from the office.


If you would like to discuss the application process further, please do not hesitate to contact me at embaglobal@london.edu or +44 (0)20 7509.