At London Business School, we firmly believe that entrepreneurship education needs to have a foot in the real world. Whether you’re interested in starting your own business or working for a firm that enables you to exercise your entrepreneurial ambitions, we provide dedicated support for entrepreneurs through a wide range of initiatives and services.

Practical learning
We offer several opportunities to gain practical experience of running your own business. The Entrepreneurship Summer School and The London Business School Incubator will allow you to use the School’s facilities to launch your business. 

Learning from professionals
Entrepreneur Mentor in Residence Programme and The TELL Series provides an opportunity for you to learn from professionals who have ventured out alone. Aspiring entrepreneurs at London Business School can now also benefit from a new mentoring scheme ‘Entrepreneurship Mentor in Residence’  launched in Dubai recently.

Funding advice
If you’re thinking about financing your venture, we offer a range of contact points such as Sussex Place Ventures and Enterprise 100 who have both been fundamental in helping new start-ups and linking teaching with the wider business community.

Don’t just take our word for it; many of our alumni are enjoying entrepreneurial success since graduating from their programmes.

Annelian Bruins 

“London Business School helped me to become a better entrepreneur by introducing me to business concepts and frameworks that I could apply to my own company.”
See the full profile of Annelien Bruins, Sloan2011



Barnaby Voss


“London Business School helped me to hone my business and more importantly my entrepreneurial skills, particularly in raising VC funds and how to prioritise effectively in a small business.”
See the full profile of Barnaby Voss, MBA2010

I’m Stephanie Kernwein Thrane, Senior Manager, Recruitment & Admissions Manager for the MBA programme. When speaking to prospective candidates, I’m often asked the above question – it’s a tricky one to answer, but I would say that there are certain intangible characteristics that make a candidate stand out.

I would recommend thinking carefully about the following:

Great applications ‘Glow’. Make sure you convey your passions and your dreams. If you have a dynamic personality, illustrate this in your application. The key thing is that we can get a picture of who ‘you’ are from your application.

Do your research and show it off! If you’ve have been to an event, met a member of the school or spoken with an alumnus, make sure this is clearly mentioned in your application.

Why London Business School, specifically? The best applications address this question head on. It’s crucial that you’re able to explain why our MBA Programme is particularly compelling to you.

Think carefully about your referees. Titles are less important than content. If you ask for a reference from someone who hasn’t worked with you directly, they are unlikely to provide sufficient detail.

Make sure your CV is as strong as possible. Your CV is likely to be among the first thing that an admissions team will review. Explain any gaps and ensure it is well formatted and easy to read. We ask for a one page CV. I appreciate it’s difficult to distil your experiences onto one page, but if the CEO of a blue-chip company can do it, you can too!

I hope the above provides some general help on how to approach a business school application. It’s not rocket science but we appreciate it isn’t easy either. The next deadline is Monday 5 January 2015 and I look forward to reading your applications.

If you do still have unanswered questions about the programme or your eligibility, I’d be delighted to meet you at our upcoming MBA Information Sessions on Monday 8 December 2014. Alternatively, see a list of our upcoming information events.


The Admissions Committee encourages all applicants to put a lot of thought into their application, take the time to prepare for the GMAT/GRE and choose their referees carefully. The MiM admissions blog already includes information on the ideal MiM candidate, hints and tips for a successful interview and application but are there any other steps that you can take in order to ensure you demonstrate you are the right candidate for us? In this blog, I will explain the purpose of admissions events and why you should attend one (or more).

Make a good first impression on the Admissions Team.  The application is a first step in getting to know you but there is no better way to meet a candidate than in a face to face conversation.  How can you make a good impression on the Admissions Committee? This is your opportunity to tell us who you are and why you want to be a student at London Business School. It is also your opportunity to see what the School can do for your academic, professional and personal development. It is encouraged to do some research on the programme and come prepared with questions. We like to meet candidates who are self-aware, mature and know what they want to achieve from postgraduate education. We are also happy to provide advice and support to those who are yet to decide what they want to do in their professional career. Writing a follow-up email the next day can help you stand out from the crowd and further build your relationship with us.

IMG_3314Network with people of similar interests. Undergraduates and recent university graduates may not have had the opportunity to hone networking skills. An admissions event is an opportunity to meet other people at the same career level as you are and who have the same concerns and/or goals as you do. For example, do you come from a History background but have an interest in business? You might meet someone in the same situation as you who can tell you more about their experience and what steps they have taken towards a career in business. Who knows? You may become classmates in the future.

 Show your commitment to the School. Visiting the School or meeting admissions professionals at events around the world shows a genuine interest in London Business School. Not only you are taking the time to meet with us but you have also prepared insightful questions about our programmes and want to learn more about what the School has to offer. Your attendance at an admissions event is also recorded in our database and you can add a note in your application on who you met from London Business School.

Picture1Meet a current student or alumni. What better way to get information on a programme than from a current student or alumni? Students and alumni are always happy to share their experience with prospective students. Our website provides much information on career opportunities but what are the students and alumni saying? If you have not yet taken the GMAT or GRE, get their advice on how long you should be preparing for this exam or see if they are willing to share any tips on how to best prepare for it. Make use of this meeting by asking questions on career development, programme offerings and student life. 

Attending admissions events also help you figure out whether a postgraduate programme at London Business School is indeed the right step for you. We want our students to have the best experience at the School and achieve their goals and the best way to do that is by getting as much information as you can about what we have to offer.

 More information on Admissions Events can be found on our website here. We hope to see you at an event in the near future!

The admissions cycle for the Masters in Finance for the August 2015 intake is now well underway with the stage 1 deadline already passed and the stage 2 deadline fast approaching ……. We have already started to make offers for the next intake and are busy reviewing new applications and setting up interviews with our alumni in London and worldwide.

So now is a good time to meet the team!

Left to right: Greg Moore and Morgane Fores (Recruitment and Admissions Managers, MiF); Ciara McAfee (Recruitment and Admissions Administrator, MiF); Peter Johnson (Senior Recruitment and Admissions Manager, MiF); David Simpson (Admissions Director, MiF and MBA).

Left to right: Greg Moore and Morgane Fores (Recruitment and Admissions Managers, MiF); Ciara McAfee (Recruitment and Admissions Administrator, MiF); Peter Johnson (Senior Recruitment and Admissions Manager, MiF); David Simpson (Admissions Director, MiF and MBA).

Ciara joined the team in 2014.  As Recruitment and Admissions Administrator, she is in charge of the administrative processes and is the first point of contact for applicants. She makes sure that all the application process works smoothly – she acknowledges new applications, follows up on any missing items, communicates admissions decisions and contacts shortlisted candidates to organise interview logistics in the UK and internationally. She also records all the admissions data and sends the offer packs to admitted candidates worldwide. You will hear a lot from her!

Morgane and Greg are the MiF recruitment and admissions managers. Morgane has been at the School since 2011 and Greg joined the School in early 2014. They review applications, make shortlisting decisions, select alumni interviewers for each shortlisted candidate and give their input to the Admissions Committee (AdCom) for final decisions. They are also the primary contacts for admitted candidates after admission until they start the programme when the MiF Programme Managers take over. They coordinate scholarships and the student ambassadors.

As Senior Recruitment and Admissions Manager I manage and coordinate the team.  I have been at the School for over 25 years. I chair AdCom and manage our relations with the MiF’s 3,400+ alumni. As I have been at the School for a long time I think I know what make us tick – I am told I am a very efficient networker!

And last but not least, David is our Admissions Director for the MiF and MBA programmes. He has been at the School for over 15 years so he also knows the School very well.  He coordinates both of MBA and MiF admissions teams and gives strategic leadership for both programmes.


With the success of the October class week under our belts, the EMBA-Global programme office is busy planning another class week for December. The EMBA-Global Americas & Europe 2016 October class week was a busy four days for our students who by now are getting into the rhythm of the programme and taking more control and ownership of their studies and the London campus. They are getting increasingly involved with the class schedules, suggesting possible speakers and helping organise events where possible.

Check out the best bits!

EMBA-Global Class Week, October 2014

Career Focus

The class week began with a day full of activities organised by the School’s Careers Services team. Students met career coaches and industry experts over lunch after which they attended workshops on creating and practicing their Networking Pitch, as well as Entrepreneurship. Those taking part in the day were also offered one to one career coaching sessions throughout the afternoon. The programme office works closely with Career Services in order to integrate various opportunities for the students to define their career goals and expand their sector knowledge throughout the programme.

These career sessions were held the day before classes started to ensure that students could fully focus on their studies during the week which consisted of classes in Operations Management, Decision Models, Corporate Finance and Marketing Strategy. Some of the classes were joined by class visitors as prospective students have the opportunity to visit LBS during classes that are of particular interest to them and that might help them build a better picture of what studying at LBS is like.

Speaker events

One staple element of the EMBA-Global class weeks is a speaker event where the students are able to invite prominent business leaders to talk about their experiences and to inspire our students. During the October class week Dwight Poler, MD of Bain Capital, spoke about his experiences in Private Equity. At a cross programme speaker event organised in conjunction with the London Executive MBA programme, Tony Mooney, the Managing Director of Sky IQ, gave a talk about decision-making at executive levels and the role of customer intelligence in larger organisations.

EMBA-Global Class Week, October2014

Partnership activities

In September, we had the pleasure of being with the EMBA-Global Asia class during their class week at the University of Hong Kong. Again another busy but enjoyable four days for our students who were in full swing of core courses like Corporate Finance, Operations Management and Marketing Strategy and Managerial Accounting.

Leading up to class week, Columbia Business School’s Alumni club in Hong Kong organised a world alumni event with the EMBA-Global Asia class and Columbia’s alumni in the region. The event allowed current students to network with the larger Columbia community, an incredible benefit of being part of the three top schools in the financial capitals of the world. On Thursday, we had the pleasure of listening to the General Manager of Uber in Hong Kong, Mr. Sam Gellman. His insights on the rapid growth of Uber his insights on the business landscape of similar start-ups were enlightening. And to top off, what was a fantastic week, the University of Hong Kong Programme office organised a boat cruise for the students in the South China Sea. The views were incredible and a perfect way to relax and unwind!

See more about the EMBA-Global programme.

The November 17 deadline is coming up for EMBA-Global and we’re getting a lot of questions about the application process and admission.

As EMBA-Global (a pioneer programme in the trans-national Executive MBA world) involves two partner schools and two admissions committees, some of you have been curious as to how we manage this. EMBA-Global Asia brings in the University of Hong Kong – so there are three partners involved in the process!

First, we only need you to do one application. All the information provided in the application system is read carefully by the schools, and depending on your region – and a successful shortlist decision, you will be invited to interview on campus at Columbia Business School or London Business School. If you are applying to EMBA-Global Asia, most interviews are in Hong Kong but we also see candidates in New York and London.

It’s a good idea to run through the application requirements in the website Apply section. Once you’ve applied we check as well, and let you know if anything is missing, when you can expect to hear from us, and what the next steps are.

We expect you have a role where you can apply your learning, and have built increasing management responsibilities – though this is not always direct line management – it could be projects, teams, resources and budgets. We also expect you to have a transnational element in your career.   It’s normal for executives to manage across time-zones, deliver successful results across geographies and work with people who never or only rarely have the chance to meet. And that’s normal for us as well.

After interviews, the schools hold Admissions Committee meetings where each candidate is discussed in detail, and final decisions are made.

Our expectations are that you will be smart, ambitious, resilient and ready to contribute to a high achieving class where you will make lifelong friendships.  You will have a global, not a local mindset and ambitions. We know that this is the first step in making significant changes in your career – whether its moving up the ladder or a new direction. It all starts with that application.

Meet Imran Changezi, EMBA 2009. Hotel Manager at Jumeirah Emirates Towers. Read his fascinating story, in which he explains how hard work and determination allowed him to transform his career from front desk clerk to becoming a leading member of one of the world’s most luxurious hotel brands.
Imran Changezi

“Believe me, I tried applying almost everything I found interesting in the class at least once at work, perhaps because I was overly keen. These included decision-trees, process optimization modules, debating ‘price elasticity & inelasticity of demand’ in our revenue management workshops at work, taking a critical look at our marketing plans in line with the frameworks being debated in the classroom and questioning our productivity frontiers etc. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not like I was taking to work something that we, as an organisation, had not necessarily done before, but rather an ‘outside-in’ perspective, freshness of a neutral third party eye, evaluating best practices from other industries and a structured thought process.”

With over 240 students joining our Executive MBA programme every year – there’s guaranteed to be someone with a similar story to you. Whether you share the same background, professional experience or career ambitions – what really resonates with all of our students is the passion to excel in their future career.

Start the new year with brighter prospects
We’re accepting applications for the Executive MBA class starting in January 2015. Don’t miss the next deadline – Thursday 6 October 2014.

For the first time since they started the programme in May, the EMBA-Global Americas and Europe and the EMBA-Global Asia students came together for their joint class week in London.
The week offered several opportunities for students to really bond together, meet their peers in person and meet students from the other stream.

To balance their extremely busy schedules during the day, the exciting evening events were  dedicated to fun and socialising.
Exceptional candidates hoping to join the May 2015 intake were invited to join some of the classes to get first-hand experience of what it would be like to study the programme. Not only were they in a class filled with  high calibre, globally-focused leaders from a variety of nationalities and industries, they saw first-hand how the curriculum was delivered and provided an opportunity to listen to class debates and discussions.

Professor Gary Biddle at London Business School

Professor Gary Biddle at London Business School

Candidates also had the opportunity to experience a Financial Accounting class taught by Professor Gary Biddle, which seemed to be a particularly popular class and we were extremely pleased with the following feedback we received from visitors:

‘This was a truly invigorating experience and in all honesty, I never thought an accounting class could be taught in such an exciting and interactive way!’

‘Thank you very much for the arrangement. It was a truly eye-opening experience yesterday. The angle of analysing the financial accounting items is very different from what I learnt from CFA textbooks and it is very inspiring.’

We understand that making a decision about the programme takes time, and a thorough research is needed. Observing a class is a really great opportunity to help you to decide whether the  EMBA-Global is  the right programme for you.

The EMBA-Global students will be in London again in October where we will l be hosting class visits again. For your opportunity to join a class, please send a copy of your CV to enable us to get a better understanding about your background. Please note that we can only accommodate a limited number of candidates.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that we host drop-in sessions on Campus every second Friday, from 4pm. You can also meet us at various events around the world.

For programme enquiries, please do not hesitate to drop me an email at


Whilst in August most people may be thinking of the summer holidays, here in the EMBA Recruitment and Admissions office we’re working on the exciting task of putting together yet another amazing EMBA class.

Finalising the September 2014 class is both a thrilling and adventurous project to work on. Already at the very end of the admissions cycle we are delighted to have brought together high caliber admits who are passionate and eager to embark on their new journey as Executive MBA students at London Business School.

On this note, it needs to be said that there is still a small window of opportunity for strong candidates to submit or complete their application. Being at the very end of the admissions cycle any strong applications submitted by the 20th August 2014 will be fast tracked, given that the minimum required documents are all submitted. If you wish to submit a late application then this is the final countdown and it’s imperative that you act quickly, as the new, vibrant, international Executive MBA class is now on board and almost ready to depart..

EMBA brings together ambitious and committed managers from around the world, representing the global leaders of the future. The following link will give you an idea of the kind of  class we are aiming to bring together once again EMBA-ClassDirectory-2014_web

For further questions and information about late applications you may contact me at




It is the time within the academic study year that students mark in the diary and look forward to the most; a celebration of your achievements in the last year in front of your family and friends as well as your classmates and faculty. Congregation at London Business School is held in the wonderful setting of the Royal Festival Hall at the Southbank on the river Thames. The venue itself is a world-class concert hall that plays host to the some of the top musicians and orchestras from around the world. A perfect place to celebrate the excellence of our graduating students.

There is always a buzz in the air at congregation as families and friends mingle before the event in anticipation. Students are busy getting fitted in their robes and ensuring they are in as many pictures with their classmates as possible! For members of the programme team, it is a chance to reflect back on the journey the class has taken through the year, from the first days of orientation to the last days of exams and now congregation. It give parents and families a chance to proudly see their loved one’s endeavours at London Business School being recognised by the Dean and teaching Faculty. As you can see from some of the pictures below, it is a wonderful day in a grand setting.

London Business School Congregation 2014

London Business School Congregation 2014

Sir Andrew Likierman, Dean of London Business School, giving the opening welcome

Sir Andrew Likierman, Dean of London Business School, giving the opening welcome

After the official ceremony is brought to a close, London Business School hosts a garden celebration within its grounds for students, family and friends. Not only is it a celebration for the students to look back fondly on but it allows them to share their ‘home’ for the last year with their congregation guests.

Congregating class and MiM staff

Congregating class and MiM staff

This is not the end of the students’ time with London Business School but the start of a new chapter. As alumni of the School, they will always maintain a connection with LBS whatever career path they decide to take. We host many alumni events around the world, utilising the strength of our 39,000 alumni network across all continents. Our alumni are based in many of the world’s top companies across a wide range of roles and industries. People say that if you have networked well enough whilst here then you can always find a friend anywhere in the world.

If reading this has inspired you to think more about studying at London Business School in the Masters in Management then you could be in luck. We are still accepting late applications for the 2015 class. Please check our website and if you believe you meet the requirements at this late stage then please send your CV and university transcripts to . Maybe you will be celebrating your congregation at the Royal Festival Hall next year!