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Last week I joined our MiM2015s in a seminar run by our Careers Team about reinvigorating your job search. This session included discussion around how students can tailor their job search, finding roles which match with their interests and skills, and how to put themselves forward as the best individuals for the job. During the session, we also had the chance to hear from a panel of MiM alumni who shared what their job search journeys looked when they were students on the MiM.

As I sat in the lecture theatre taking in the helpful tips and advice, I started to ask myself: is the journey to a job much different to the journey to postgraduate studies? I found there are some similarities in considerations to take regardless of whether you’re applying for a place in the MiM or a spot in a graduate scheme at a multinational company:

  • Be sure: is this the right decision for you? We’ve spoken before in this blog about the importance of conducting your research and due diligence prior to applying. You’ll be making both time and financial commitments in pursuing your graduate studies. You need to be sure you’ll be doing so in the place that’s the best fit for you and will allow you to achieve your goals. Both admissions teams and recruiters will be able to see, through your application essays or personal statements and eventually interview, whether you feel the school or company you’re applying to is your number one priority. If not, they may ask themselves why you are applying for something you’re only 50% sure about, and why should they care if you don’t seem to? So make sure you do your research to ensure this is the right decision for you, and in doing so:


  • Ask: dig in and ask questions. Take the time to speak with members of the school or work communities you’re looking to join. There are many opportunities to engage with members of the MiM community, be it with a Student Ambassador over email, an Admissions Team regional manager via an online webinar, or an alumnus/a at an information session. Use the knowledge gained through these discussions to gain a valuable insight into what the student experience is like or what the Admissions Team is looking for in candidates. Then when you apply:


  • Do: more than just regurgitate facts. Yes, we want to see that you’ve researched the programme and School, as this demonstrates your motivation and genuine interest to join us, but we don’t want to see that you’ve just read the brochure or website. While there may be many applicants who want to join a certain professional club or run for a particular class representative role, what do these positions mean to you and how will you contribute? If you’ve studied business already, why continue with a second degree? If you come from a non-business background, how will the curriculum support your transition into the business world? Just as recruiters will want, admissions teams want to see that you don’t just know the facts about the programme or School, but that you’ve taken the time to go a layer deeper to explore what the potential offerings mean to you.  So ensure that you illustrate this motivation and:


  • Think: what can you do to maximise your chances? Whether you are applying for graduate studies or a job, you are one of many candidates. This is a hard truth but a truth nonetheless. As such, you want to make sure you stand out and put your best foot forward. Review the eligibility requirements – do you meet these? If so, from what you know through your discussions with a school’s admissions team or company’s HR representatives, what are they looking for beyond this? Are there particular qualities or soft skills that may help you to pass through the application review stage to interview? Once you do and are selected to join this face-to-face conversation:


  • Prove: what you’re capable of and tailor your pitch. Use real life examples to prove that you have the technical and soft skills the school or company is looking for. Share your successes and, if appropriate, your failures to illustrate what you’ve learned from your experiences thus far and how those learnings will support your ability to succeed in either the classroom or the workplace. Don’t forget to tailor your pitch; whether in person or written in an application, ensure that you are conveying your passion and motivation to join that particular school or company and how your skills and personality are right for the seat or role.


Above all else:

  • Showcase: your authentic self.  Throughout the admissions process, we are looking to understand who you are as an individual and how you will fit in with our community. What do you have to gain? What do you have to contribute? While there are many applicants looking to join the MiM to support their professional ambitions, what they want to achieve, and how they plan to achieve this, very much differs person to person. We don’t want to hear that you’re interested in a particular industry or company because that’s what you think we want to hear. We’re more interested in understanding your passions and what drives you, and what makes you, well, you!


So if you’re thinking of applying to join the MiM or Global MiM, take the time to do your research, tailor your application, and illustrate you have skills we’re looking to bring into the classroom. And perhaps next year you’ll be meeting with our Careers Team to discuss your recruitment strategy and finding the best job for you.

On joining the EMBA-Global Asia programme, you’ll be assigned to a study group of four to six people, who will no doubt become lifelong friends. Our students tell us this is one of the most valuable parts of the overall learning experience.

It can be challenging to work in multicultural teams, but it’s an essential management skill that’s highly valued by employers. Each study group is made up of individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds – each with different strengths. You’ll find your study group is invaluable in supporting you through the demands of the programme.

Below is a study group from the current EMBA-Global Asia class.






Hi everyone,

You can follow a transcript of today’s LGBT at LBS webinar at http://ow.ly/Kuilm.


On joining the EMBA-Global Americas and Europe programme, you’ll be assigned to a study group of four to six people, who will no doubt become lifelong friends. Our students tell us this is one of the most valuable parts of the overall learning experience.

It can be challenging to work in multicultural teams, but it’s an essential management skill that’s highly valued by employers. Each study group is made up of individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds – each with different strengths. You’ll find your study group is invaluable in supporting you through the demands of the programme. Below is a study group from the current EMBA-Global Americas and Europe class.

We are still accepting applications for the May 2015 intake. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions you may have: embaglobal@london.edu.

embaglobal_studygroup_sergeypuntus embaglobal_studygroup_antonventer embaglobal_studygroup_atokasymov embaglobal_studygroup_akanshaarya embaglobal_studygroup_jayvarkey

The GMAT and GRE tests can sometimes seem daunting, particularly when you’ve been out of education for a long time.

As one of the only schools in the UK to still have a mandatory GMAT requirement for the programme, we are able to accurately measure the current academic ability of our students. We also use scores to help us form study groups consisting of students that complement each other’s current capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

GMAT and GRE tests also show immense commitment and motivation from the candidates, who are dedicated individuals and willing to go the extra mile to ensure their place on the programme. This is definitely reflected in the quality of the classroom from the feedback we receive from participants and faculty.

” The GMAT takes a fair amount of effort for most students, refreshing their numeracy and literacy skills. However, students will be using these skills during their time at the school, so having taken the trouble to prepare for the GMAT ensures that, when you start your MBA, you land running and can get more value out of your time on the course. This is part of what makes an MBA from LBS different from other schools. “  

Richard Jolly, Adjunct Professor of Organisational Behaviour

There is no minimum score to be considered for the EMBA-Global programme as we look at your application holistically, but we would encourage scores of 600+. If you are concerned that you have achieved a lower score than expected, we’d be happy to discuss this with you.

Our candidates tend to be busy individuals, and we understand the GMAT/GRE test prep can sometimes prove difficult to fit into your schedule. If the time constraint is a concerning issue for you, many of our past participants have hired a GMAT personal tutor or done intensive prep sessions at specialised prep schools, so it is possible to sit the test in a much shorter amount of time.

We are now in the final “fast track” phase of accepting applications for the May 2015 intake.  Candidates who apply will be considered on a case by case basis. During the month of March 2015, you will learn if you have been shortlisted within 5-10 business days. We are always interested in hearing from motivated students, and are planning the final interview and offer schedule in April.

If you want to be considered for this intake, please let us know by contacting us now.

Final decisions are contingent upon interviews, which will be scheduled in March and early April. 

Your GMAT or GRE test must be booked prior to your application submission. We will prioritise completed applications, and will review and shortlist the strongest applications pre-test.  We advise you book the test before April 5th Applications must be complete before an offer can be made.

As you begin discussing your development plans with your employer, be sure to read our advice on Creating a Business Case. This document will help you build a case for your employer’s support, either financial or time away from the office.


If you would like to discuss the application process further, please do not hesitate to contact me at embaglobal@london.edu or +44 (0)20 7509.

Join me at our next online session on Wednesday 4 March 13.00 – 14.00 (UK time) to learn how London Business School and the Masters in Finance programme can help you advance your career and achieve your goals.

The session will start with a 30 minute presentation, followed by online Q+A.

Our next On Campus session is on Tuesday 17March 18.30-21.00

For a full list of all our forthcoming information events and to sign up go to: http://www.london.edu/education-and-development/masters-courses/masters-in-finance/information-events/mif-information-eve

London Business School is very proud of its reputation for diversity and inclusivity.

The Out In Business (OiB) club at London Business School represents the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community at the School. OiB is one of the strongest and most active clubs on campus and is a real tribute to the School’s diversity. It provides an invaluable professional, social and support network for students, alumni, faculty and staff.

The Club’s mission is to support the LBS LGBT community by organising social events throughout the year, organising career events connecting LGBT students with many of the employers who seek out talent and create inclusive workplaces, and acting as the champion for LGBT issues at LBS. We are the proud host of one of LBS’s flagship events, The EurOUT conference, attracting LGBT business school students, alumni, professionals and allies from all over the world. Please take a look at our conference website.

For general information, contact details and scheduled events, please take a look at our club website.

LGBT Webinar

Join us on Wednesday 18 March 2015 11.00 (AM) to 12.00 (midday) for an online chat with members of OIB. There will be a short presentation followed by an online Q+A. Sign up here!

EMBA-Global in London in February – it’s the most exciting week of the calendar for us at LBS. Not only do our two classes (Asia and Americas and Europe) come together for a joint learning week, but the social side really takes off. Classes included Strategic Management, Global Economics, Capital Markets and Managerial Negotiations. There was at least one dinner to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year.

There was a powerful launch to the week on Sunday with an inspiring session on accelerating your career and securing your next promotion. Thursday evening saw the red-T-shirted classes sponsor Sundowners, (some) made time for a Leadership Speaker event with Luke Johnson, Chairman of Patisserie Holdings PLC giving tips on how p/e really works and what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and held a Talent Show showcasing the amazing skills of a class that can dance, sing, ride a unicycle and drink a glass of wine while doing a headstand…..

EMBA-Global, London

Friday bought a highlight talk by Lynda Gratton discussing her latest insights on the Future of Work followed by a reception to close the week Talking about the hollowing out of the workplace, the global shift of Fortune 500 companies, what robots will be doing instead of us in the next 10 years (though NOT paying taxes or indulging in retail therapy) the whole evening felt like a glimpse into the future – the world you, the kids and grandkids will be working in….

EMBA-Global class week London Business School, Lynda Gratton talk

It’s cold outside, but the spirit of the class is tangible – warm, supportive, working and playing hard.

From an Admissions point of view, this is exactly what I wish for our classes. They are riding the challenges of balancing work, study and life – they are involving their partners and families, and they are smarter, better networked, increased in confidence and ambition – and they can catch up on sleep later.

We are interviewing now for the May 2015 class, and seeing some great people. The next deadline is March 2nd so get in touch if you are planning your application and want some last minute admissions tips.


I am pleased to let you know that applications for the 2016 Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy intake is now open. We seek passionate and intelligent people who can create a stimulating and valuable learning exchange. Candidates will have a breadth and depth of professional experience including management at a strategic level, and come from a wide range of backgrounds in private, public and not-for-profit sectors. You will bring ambition, commitment, a sharp intellect and a global outlook to the table. Content is pitched at a very high level, appropriate for those in key positions as decision-makers responsible for delivering results, leading critical projects and taking a leadership role in managing change.

Explore your fit and meet us

We recommend you to fully research the Sloan programme to ensure it aligns with your long-term career objectives. We can help you to determine this alongside your eligibility through an informal CV review. We run open days on campus and in cities around the world for you to meet admissions staff, students and global alumni. Drop-in sessions at the School give you the chance to chat with the Recruitment & Admissions Team about your application and the programme in more depth. Please see all upcoming events here.

If you would like a phone chat or meet me in person on Campus, I would be happy to schedule one as long as you send a CV with your request. You can submit your CV here.

LBS Sloan Recruitment & Admissions team


Happy New Year!

Join me at one of our online sessions to learn how London Business School and the Masters in Finance programme can help you advance your career and achieve your goals.   I will be hosting sessions from 13.00 – 14.00 (UK time) on the following dates:

Wednesday 7th January 2015
Wednesday 4th February 2015
Wednesday 4th March 2015
Wednesday 1st April 2015
Wednesday 6th May 2015
Wednesday 10th June 2015
Wednesday 1st July 2015
Wednesday 5th August 2015

The sessions will start with a 30 minute presentation, followed by online Q+A

To sign up go to:  http://www.london.edu/news-and-events/events/calendar